Ras Honey Comb 1

Ras Honey Comb 1

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

RasHoney Comb gives pure positive and love vibes to the highest. with musical power, lyrics that will give Inspirataion,and let you know that love is always there. And encourage you to keep the faith and hold steady. "One Perfect Love"


The artist Ras Honey Comb was born in the parish of Manchester< Jamaica where he was surrounded by the music of such artist as Toots Herbert, Lady G., Sanchez, Bob Marley. Under the influence of this rich musical heritage indeed helped to shape his personal philosophy as well as engage his own musical talent. As a teen he showcased his art by performing with local sounds from his region such as Solid Gold, MalcolmX and others which honed his skills even sharper. The turning point for Ras Honey Comb came when Tony Rebel (his brother) heard him sing and encouraged him to continue pursing his music. His mission is to be a constructive voice and message for the youth through positive lyrics while bringing conscious music to the world. With One Perfect Love.
In 1996 Ras Honey Comb debuted into the professional music scene with his first releaese on the Lalibela Rhythm label entitled "Hurt No More" which was written by Steve Lindo. Receiving generous airplay on Jamaican airwaves fueled his next two releases,"The Lamb" and "Hail the Beginning". Both were Flames label with Penthouse distribution.
Then, in 1997 Ras Honey Comb's entry into the prestigious Jamaica National Song Competion , "Jamdown is My Hometown" which was written by Tony Rebel, placed in the top ten out of over 300 entrants. In a nation as musically talented as Jamaica this was quite an achievement for any artist.
Since then, Ras Honey Comb has been working on building his career writing, recording and performing. His next release "Baby Baby" on the Shocking Vibes label with the rhythm provided by Music Man Productions. and the latest pre-release,"Police and Rude Bwoy", produced by Triple T Productions.Since then he as appeared on shows like the Rebel Salute, Unity Splash in Montego Bay, Rockers Awards in Ochi Rios and Stone Love Sound in Spanish Town. He has also toured the USA and Europe Canada with Tony Rebel opening and background vocals for "Queen Ifrica.



Sierra Nevada World Music Festival Reggae on the River, CA
Citius, Berlin, Germany Kesselhaus, Berlin, Germany
The Melkweg, Amsterdam, Holland The petrol, Belgim
TBC - GENEVA, ITALY Spariobourio Village, Rome, Italy

Beezhive Productions
RE: Ras Honey Comb(reference contract number
Flames (+876) 934-0827
IN the USA (513) 708-0166


Police and Rude Bwoy

Written By: Ras Honey Comb

Police Bad Boys

Baby Baby

Written By: Ras Honey Comb

Baby Baby my sweet lady


Ras Honey Comb first released was Hurt No More released on the Lalibela Rythym in 1996

next releases The Lamb and Hail The Beginning Both were Flames label with Penthouse distribution

Gone Astray released on the Shocking Vibes label and distributed Dynamic Studios.
next released Baby Baby on the Shocking Vibes Label rhythm provided by Music Man Productions.
Ras Honey Comb latest pre-release, "Police and Rude Bwoy" produced by Triple T Productions


Set List

compensation will be what is agreed on at the time of booking and in the contract agreement.
Technical Requirements
at no cost to Ras Honey Comb the purchaser will provide the following sound requirements
1) Console (sound board): 24 working inputs with 4 sub-bays and stereo outputs. Each input should have 4 points of equalization. The following are examples of acceptable consoles:
a) Soundcraft 00B, 800B, 500 or 8000
b) Allen and Heath 24x4x2
c) Yamaha PM 2000 or PM 3000
tAC Scorpion
2) Effects
a). 1 Yamaha Rev7 or Rev 5
b). 1 Yamaha SPX 9011
3) House Equalization
a). 21/3 octave E.Q.'s
4) Cabinetry: The following is a method to determine amount of cabinetry needed for any give venue. For every 00 people, there should be 2 sub-woofers and 2 mid/high boxes per side. The following are acceptable systems:
a). Meyer MSL-3's
b). Turbo Sound TWS-24's and TM-3's