Ras Lidj & Deep Band

Ras Lidj & Deep Band

 Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., USA

We are a reggae band that plays much more then just reggae. We have original music and we do cover tunes. Covering artists such as: The Beatles, Adele, Bob Marley and many more. We have musicians that have played all types of music such as: reggae, rock, pop, r&b, jazz, and go-go. Our band leader brings much energy and originality to the stage, our drummer will keep you head banging and our singer is mesmerizing.


Ras Lidj is a musician, songwriter, and performer stepping forward to uplift and unify his audience. Combining vibrations of Roots reggae, the raw energy of Dancehall reggae, and the unique percussive elements of Washington DC's own Go-Go scene, Ras Lidj has a style all his own. Sometimes you'll find him on the bass, sometimes on percussion, and usually somewhere near the microphone. Ras Lidj has performed in clubs and music festivals across the country. He's shared the stage with such artists as 50 Cent, Mobb Deep, and the Itals.

Ras Lidj was born a performer. He started in theater and later developed his musical side with artists like Physical Wundors, Little Benny and the Masters, DJ Lucky, DJ Flexx and The Soul Defender Possee. In 1992, Ras Lidj received his name under the guidance and livity of Rastafari. That blessing added a new dimension to Ras Lidj the songwriter. His songs tell stories with a socially conscious edge.

Upon retuning to the Washington DC area in 2004, Ras Lidj released the “Baptismal EP” and formed Deep Band, to musically play and convey his lyrical message live. Together, Ras Lidj and Deep Band continue to move forward branding their style “Regg’Go “as a genre of its own. In 2007, Ras Lidj & Deep Band received the Dennis Brown Achievement Award, at the DC Area Reggae Music Awards. Also, released the “Live Raw and Uncut” CD/ DVD in 2008.

Ras Lidj added a new dimension of vocal range and quality to Deep Band, with the singer Mia Harmoni Black, joining in 2010. These days, Ras Lidj is recording in Washington, DC, at Invisible Arts Lab and One World Studios. While performing regularly, Ras Lidj and Deep Band continues to strengthen their increasingly growing fan base locally and abroad.