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Mixed Drinks, Bluntz & Xtacy
Heatseekerz Vol I
Darqueness Falls
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Feeling a bit camera shy


"...I got emcee genetics embedded in my chromosomes..."

- Ra-Soul Hel'spon, "Let Em Know"

Hailing from the infamous South Park section of Houston Texas, Ra-Soul Hel'spon is an emcee's emcee; one who uses words to paint a complete picture. This Texas bred rapper utilizes the tools of emceeing that few in the game seem to be cognizant of nowadays: wit, timing, placement, and of course, creative rhyme sequences and patterns. Unlike other local artists, Ra-Soul seems content to push the envelope, and effortlessly obliterates the perception of what most expect from a southern hip-hop artist. Whether it's laying vocals, producing tracks, or performing in front of an audience, this jack of all trades has shown that he, like Neo in the Matrix, is "the one"...

As a youth, Ra-Soul grew up as a silent introvert,...a social outcast with a mind too advanced for acceptance by his so-called peers. As an only child, he found himself engulfed in reading whatever happened to be in reach. By the age of four, he was reading (and comprehending) encyclopedias and science books focused on astrology, biology, and human anatomy. Musically, he was exposed to the great soul singers of the era, singers such as Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, Patrice Rushen, The O'jays, Anita Baker, Patti LaBelle, and others. His uncle played saxaphone in the high school band, and Ra-Soul would watch his uncle practice for hours at a time. His aunt played the piano by ear in the church, and, though he was still a boy, he admired the hard work she put in to perfect her craft. His father played electric guitar in a local rock band, thus exposing him to an 'edgier' sound. This would undoubtedly provide him with a wealth of material that he desired to share with others. But with no one to express himself to, his creative energy began to build up over the years, and would eventually manifest in a form that would stike like a force of nature.

During his growth and development, two pivotal moments in his life affected him to the point of having to "walk the fine line between genius and insanity". While still an adolescent, Ra-Soul discovered the outlet he longed for that allowed him to creatively express his thoughts. This outlet was being used by others of that era, emcees such as Melle Mel, Sugarhill Gang, Run DMC, Mantronix, Kurtis Blow, and other recognizable artists who were at the forefront of this new culture. Ra-Soul felt a connection to the music, but his self-conscious way of thinking wouldn't allow him to publicly manifest his style of rap. And as if that wasn't enough, around the same time, he witnessed the violent suicide of his grandmother, which left a festering scar on his mind that can be seen and heard in the subject matter of some of his rhymes. It would be years before the one known as Ra-Soul Hel'spon would be ready for the public eye...

By the time he reached his late teens, Ra-Soul had reached the breaking point. The creative energy that swirled within him could no longer be contained. He began writing rhyme after rhyme, only to discard them once they were completed. He described this as more 'therapeutic' than anything. While the few friends he had were either killing, being killed, hustling, or being incarcerated, he thought of himself as deserving better. As his self confidence began to grow, he contemplated sharing what he had with the world. During this time, he would meet the one known as 'Venom', an individual of like mind and ability. The two formed a bond, and the phenomenom known as "Darque-Seed" was born...

Now, after many years months and days of waiting and building, Ra-Soul is ready to release his own brand of emceeing to the public at large. His album promises to deliver something that won't be heard anywhere else. Without question this man was born for this, and his ability lends credence to the notion that, reciprocally, this culture was created specifically for him as well. The solo debut, "Darque-ness Falls" will offer proof of this. Ra-Soul (a corrupted version af the arabic 'rasul', meaning 'messenger') is a complete emcee, one destined for greatness. After performing in a seemingly infinite amount of freestyle ciphers, open mics, talent shows, and various venues in and around the city of Houston (as well as a mini-tour that reached New Orleans), he and Darque-Seed are set to make history. Self-produced, self-contained, and self-sufficient, there appears to be nothing that can stand in the way of Ra-Soul and Darque-Seed's pre-destined greatness.

...there's no escaping the Darque-ness.