Los Angeles, California, USA

RASPIN's CD 'WE DO WHAT WE DO" is being played at all STARBUCKS locations Nationwide, and to standing room only audiences in L.A.

His music is on DMX and can be purchased on itunes / myspace.com/raspinstuwart / reverbnation/raspin and more...

More info on his official website: www.RASPIN.com


RASPIN's CD 'WE DO WHAT WE DO" is being played nationwide at all STARBUCKS locations.
His music is also available on DMX and can be purchased on itunes / myspace.com/raspinstuwart / reverbnation/raspin

In his CD "We Do What We Do", RASPIN takes so many approaches in his song writing that critics have said, "his songs place a premium on intelligent lyricism, demonstrating a clear and almost "writerly" (as in print) sensitivity- an all original catalog that bears an eye opening, ear opening blend of influences." The songs are perfectly suited to such environments as Los Angeles and New York, reflecting diverse cross-cultural song writing and performing-having a life outside of what could be contemporary. Acoustic folk pop, jazz, R & B, even sprinkled with a touch of gospel--it's all in the music and is created out of a spontaneous energy that is very much Rapin's stylized original vocal and performances trademark. WE DO WHAT WE DO is a collection of lustful, political and often daring songs that seems to emerge from deep within Raspin's soul. Raspin boldly projects his ideas and sounds as his hypnotic and haunting voice carries over his hummable melodies and occasional key changes in a sublime balance that few musicians achieve, yet constantly strive for. Critics have noted that he has a style all his own in a singing range that's wide and varied. He is truly an eclectic artist who resides at that intimate place where the harmony of sound and the words mingle in meaning. That's why Raspin's adult contemporary music with an offbeat twist is appealing and has an impact on listeners. RASPIN is featured on CCH Pounder's CD "SMOKE" as a duet with CCH the song CALLING YOU the classic song from the legendary movie BAGDAD CAFE ....and currently RASPIN is being played at all STARBUCKS nationwide. Find RASPIN on itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/we-do-what-we-do/id317134372



RASPIN premiere CD is
'WE DO WHAT WE DO" on Payola Records

*STARBUCKS is playing Raspins CD Nationwide. Also played on Indie Radio Stations throughout the U.S.

CCH Pounder "SMOKE" Duet on the theme song from the movie Bagdad Cafe.