Ras Shiloh

Ras Shiloh

 New York City, New York, USA

Ras Shiloh has been spreading love with his golden voice for over 16 years. His voice has been compared to the great Garnett Silk. He sings of love & peace and has worked with many of Reggae's most famous veterans including Morgan Heritage, Anthony B, Junior Kelly and more. His fans are worldwide.


Born in Brooklyn, USA, Ras Shiloh, also known as "Ras ShiHigh", is a conscious modern roots singer in the same vein as late Garnett Silk, his mentor. Shiloh is reminiscent of Silk but the golden voice, range, and eclectic lyrics are unique to him. Hailing from New York state but spending years in Jamaica, Ras Shiloh has been honing his musical skills since the age of 9 years old when he started out working alongside Ballys International sound system from New York.
He's gone on to become a well-known modern roots singer with 5 solo albums, countless singles, and many collaborations with high-profile Jamaican reggae legends.
His collaborations include work with: Anthony B., Capleton, Jr. Kelly, Morgan Heritage, Duane Stephenson, Bascom X, Gentleman and more.
What sets Ras Shiloh apart from others in the industry today is his dedication to righteousness. For instance, one will never hear an ill word about women, or a call for violence. His messages are of love, peace, respect, and unity.
He performs high-energy sets with live bands as well as with a DJ/Soundsystem.
In addition to performing around the world including Europe, the USA & Jamaica, he is also interested in humanitarian issues. 2012 featured a sold-out tour in California that was partially a benefit for medical supplies to be sent to Jamaica. He continues to tour around the world spreading his unique messages of love, peace & upfulness.
If Googled, one will see the thousands of videos, images & fan comments from around the world regarding him.


1997 Ras Shiloh & Idrens Chant
Melchizedek Records

1998 Debut solo album, Babylon You Doom
Shiloh B label
Featuring “Unto Zion”.

1999 Listen Well
Who Dun It Records

2000 This is a Mission
Capleton featuring Ras Shiloh LIVE
Adex Records

2002 From Rasta To You
VP Records. The release - featuring his hits "Are You Satisifed", Garnett Silk’s “Complain” cover, and "Give I Strength" (feat. Buju Banton).

2007 Only King Selassie
Greensleeves/VP Records

2007 Coming Home
VP Records

Tracks/Singles/DVDS: Track title in “”
• 1997 “Brass Gates” Mix to the Max Volume 1 VP Records
• 1999 “Aking Thee to Spear Dub” Exterminator Singles Exterminator
• 1999 “Give I strength” Buju Banton ft. Ras Shiloh
Inna Heights album VP Records
• 1999 7” vinyl “It’s the Truth” VP Records
• 2000 7” vinyl “ Nuff Injustice” Ethiopian Taste
• 2000 “Unto Zion” & “Mt. Zion medley”, Morgan Heritage Family & Friends Volume 1, Jet Star Records
• 2003 “Free up the People” One to One Riddim Digital B
• 2004 7” vinyl “Blessings of Jah” Gentleman ft. Ras Shiloh Digital B
• 2005 “Give Thanks” Anthony B. ft. Ras Shiloh BlackStar Greensleeves
• 2005 “Highest Heavens” Riddim Driven Sleng Teng Resurrection VP Records
• 2005 “Silent Rivers” Storm Alarm Special Delivery
• 2005 “”Momma Warning” Jah Love Riddim Massive B
• 2006 7” vinyl “Crying for Freedom” Judgement Riddim Special Delivery
• 2006 “Superior” Lion of Judah Paw paw Productions
• 2006 “Ghetto Yout Rise” Ras Shiloh & Daddy Rings First Sight Paw Paw Productions
• 2006 “Tell me the Reason Why” Jah Powers Riddim Maximum Sound
• 2006 “This Generation”, “Bobo Revolution” & “Love Rastafari” Zion Train Riddim Maximum Sound
• 2006 “This Generation” Biggest Reggae One-Drop Anthems Greensleeves
• 2007 “Go to Step Over Them” Rewind Riddim Bulpes Music
• 2008 “Give I strength” Buju Banton ft. Ras Shiloh
• Inna Heights album 10th anniversary edition VP Records
• 2008 “Final Blessing” Lion of Judah Megaforce
• 2009 “Live Right” Right Riddim Philadub Records
• 2009 DVD “ West Kingston Jamboree” featuring Ras Shiloh, Bunny Wailer, Cocoa Tea, Jr. Reid, Island Entertainment
• 2009 “The System” Hardcore Riddim Smith Mansion Entertainment
• 2009 “Papa Song” Jr. Kelly ft. Ras Shiloh Prayer Riddim EP Firehouse Productions
• 2010 7” vinyl “Don’t Take your Love Away”, Dem Gone Records
• 2010 “Survivors” King Juggler Vizion Sounds Records (Guyana)
• 2010 “Humanity” Gotta Have Reggae Cousins
• 2011 “Always on my mind” acoustic Triumphant Acoustic Kingston Songs
• 2012 “Soon as we Rise” Duane Stephenson ft. Ras Shiloh Culture Mood Kingston Songs
• 2012- "Hail the King" single available on itunes
• 2012- "Mais je Sais" English/French collaboration with Jips from the Moon Band,Paris, France.

2013-Untitled new release out early this year

Set List

Depending on set length & negotiable

Are you satisfied?
Man from the mountain
What you've Done...What you're doing (Give Thanks)
Change Gonna Come (Sam Cooke cover)
Unto Zion
We need more love
Give I strength
Man Love your woman
Always on my mind
Brass Gates
Highest Heavens
So Proud (My girl)
Jah Jah lives
I know
Sea of Love
All are one
Come Down Jah Jah
Are you lonely?
Save a little love for me

Contact: PR@rasshiloh.com for rider

Set List :To be determined based on length of set, band or DJ