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It is the 1st of May 2000 that RASTA consider as a starting point for their creative work. That day RASTA recorded their first four-track promo initial. The tracks later were re-recorded and issued in take my hate (2002).

Initially the band consisted of four musicians: Dmitry Grafov- vocals, Pavel Pavlikhin -guitars, Igor Kovalev -bass and Vladislav Saltsevich - drums. It was Vladislavs joining the band in the beginning of 2000, that spurred RASTA to a serious work and recording the promo. Authority of the experienced drummer, who had played in GODS TOWER for 10 years, moved the band on a higher level. At that point the band first appeared as RASTA, name that automatically placed the musicians among lazily smoking weed reggaes, what was not true. RASTA have always been a sort of heavy-duty abrasives for super-durable metal and have always considered their work to be nothing else, but metal.

After the band recorded the promo and took RASTA as the name, there followed a number of concerts. 2000 ended with bandÒs first 6-city Belarusian tour.

Later in 2001 RASTA had to change their bass player. So far Jury Sivtsov, former GODS TOWER bassist, became a new RASTA member. That period was that of productive work. Changing studio work for concerts and back, after a trip to Germany in the summer 2001, RASTA started recording their first album. By the end of the year ëtake my hate+ was put on the tape, edited and released by the Ukrainian MOON RECORDS.

Straight away after recording his part in September 2001, the drummer, Vladislav Saltsevich had to leave the band. His place was taken by Rodion Starovoitov, former EXHUMATOR drummer. The next change waited for RASTA in the very beginning of 2002. This time it was the singer when RASTA acquired a brute butcher Eugeny Tesiolkin. With the last change the music became substantially heavier.

In the summer 2002, at the gig with Dutch SINISTER, RASTA's former vocalist Dmitry Grafov suddenly suggested singing a couple of tracks together with Eugeny. Since that moment and till present RASTA has been performing with two singers.

2003 became a year of the last change in the band cast. RASTA was joined by a keyboard player, Dmitry Ovchinnikov, again former GODS TOWER musician. And again RASTA's music changed, becoming more melodic, but at the same time retaining hatred and anger.

It has taken RASTA another two years to come up with a new album. By the end of 2004 all the material has been prepared and is to be recorded in the beginning of 2005. New lyrics are penetrated with remote worlds and alien civilizations. Half of the new program enjoys a great success at the concerts.

Before releasing of a new album band decided to issue maxi single called "Between Two Times". It was released by 3 major labels in ex-USSR territory: GO-Records (Belarus), Mystery of Sound (Russia), Moon Records (Ukraine).

It was released as limited edition (1000 copies) by every label. All circulations were sold out within 1 month!!! And labels decided to re-print circulations. For now it was sold more then 5000 copies in three countries only!!!

During the time of RASTAÒs existence the band played some 200 concerts, including Belarusian-Ukrainian tour with GRENOUER from St.Petersburg (Russia) in May 2004 and personal Russian tour in November-December 2004. In May 2006 RASTA played mini-tour in Finland together with Russian MORTEM.

With the new album called "THE AGE OF MOVEMENT" band signed a contract deal with EMI Recordings and Publishing (through Ukrainian office COMP Music) for East Europe.

After that RASTA appeared on the biggest summer stages of Eastern Europe like Hunter Fest in Poland, Brutal Assault Fest in Czech Republic and biggest festival in Europe WOODSTOCK (300.000 visitors!!!) and played polish tour with THY DISEASE and SCEPTIC.