Rat Attack

Rat Attack

 Exeter, England, GBR

Fresh Dance Party Punk, like a party thrown by Caligula & GG allin but with a thumping punky new soundtrack and not so much sister sex and feces eating!


Rat Attack bring together influences like Refused, The Bronx, Justice, Black Flag, the Beastie Boys and Every time I die,crank it up and dust with pop sensibilities. Oue story is we generally hate most bands and thought we could do better than 90% of the tripe that is passed off as pop music these days.


'From the Sewers we rise' EP released Nov '08 Self released
- Plastic Industry, Media Talk and Up to the Blue played on BBC Radio one Punk show

'This Is Art' EP released Oct '09 Lockjaw records
- The Southern Lights, This is Art, I still function played on BBC Radio one Punk show

We did a live session for BBC Radio one in Dec '09 we did four tracks for the Punk show which were: This Is art, The Southern Lights, Let's end the world, Forced Smile the programme was broadcast in Feb 2010.

Set List

45 mins what the fuck i aint gonna write the songs!