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Rat:Att:Agg's show ended in pandemonium last night at Camden's Barfly with a stage invasion from the crowd. Limbs flailed and instruments were attacked, as band and audience members playfully grappled with each other in a noisy finale.

Standing around backstage at The Coronet in South London, ahead of their performance this evening, the band are full of smiles, despite any losses, describing it as their, 'best gig yet'. Matt Flag, keyboardist, vocalist and general 'good vibes' guy, recalls the moment:

"There were definitely about four or five seconds in my brain, where I was like 'Yes, everyone's on stage' and 'yeah do it'. Then there were four or five seconds of 'Dude, stop jumping on his guitar, I don't have any money' and 'Oh that kid's really kicking the drum kit!"

"But you've got to run with it. Obviously they liked it enough to get up on stage and make dicks of themselves, and we make dicks of ourselves most nights. So that's what it's about."

The mayhem ensued during the last song of an energetic set.

Aside from the chaos last night, Rat:Att:Agg were bemused by the theft of their orange maracas. The 'sorely missed' pair were last spotted being shaken vigorously by guitarist Morgan Plugs, during a mid-set highlight, where he enjoyed a bouncy piggy-back ride on a lucky member of the audience.

Rat:Att:Agg were founded in May earlier this year by Raary (aka Rory Atwell) after his former band, the Test Icicles split at the peak of their fame. The five-piece were formed in haste on the eve of a tour with The Semifinalists.

The other four members of the Rat:Att:Agg have all been involved in other bands in the past. Drummer, Robin Silas, explains why he enjoys their shows:

"At last night's gig we made a song up, which happens sometimes. I was thinking lots of bands wouldn't do that, my old band definitely wouldn't have done that. It would take about two weeks to write a song."

In the short time Rat:Att:Agg have been together, they have since established their blend of indie, hardcore, and avant gard-pop, and recently released their first 12", Can We Fix It/ Lift The Hex on Moshi-Moshi Records. Despite this release the band remains unsigned "hiding under a "cloak of anonymity" according to Raary.
Lift The Hex was the band's first song written together. It was compiled in a matter of days, and Raary describes it as a song which, "encapsulates lots of different sides of our musical spectrum"

So is Raary pleased by the transformation from his initial solo work into the realisation of the band, project, and their music?

"Yeah definitely, it feels like there is a lot more of a challenge. Whereas before it was more of a head-fuck, and no-one really wanted to be in a band. Now we're in a band and we all want to strive forward and do something exciting, it's good"

While the band have not been together for that long, it is clear that they are all good friends, and united musically by their quest for having fun in what they do. These qualities set Rat:Att:Agg apart from the current scene, which is rife with seriousness, an issue which bassist Conan Roberts, is eager to point out:

"Everyone takes themselves too seriously, it's ridiculous. Music is awash with bands who have no personality and no sense of humour at the moment."

Their cartoon style humour surfaces as they titter in agreement while they swap anecdotes tonight. It is most noticeable when Matt, Robin and Conan are asked if they felt any pressure by Raary's previous project, at which Raary sinisterly pipes; in a mock disgruntled voice: "Well I was walking around with an axe and a cloak!"
"We were too drunk to notice any pressure. We formed on a Wednesday night and went on tour on a Thursday", adds Matt in defence.

Due on stage shortly, the band take their leave. They will continue their adventures with more gigs and the making of an EP over the next few months.

For more information on Rat:Att:Agg, you can visit their profile, at: www.myspace.com/ratattagg

- RockReview.co.uk

a thoroughly recommended debut disc... Pretty flippin’ good! 8/10 - Drowned in Sound


Can We Fix It/Lift the Hex:
Debut Single Released in the UK by Moshi Moshi records. Received extensive play on Zane Lowes BBC Radio 1 show and the video was aired numerous times on MTV2.

And On The First Day The Gods Created:
Debut limited edition EP released exclusively in Japan, out in May 2007 on Rallye/Klee Records.



RAT:ATT:AGG formed in late May 2006 when band creator Raary Deci-Hells was disturbed from his sabbatical in the depths of the Western Irish hills by his long term cohort and friend Ferry Gouw of UK based band Semifinalists and was asked to tour the UK with them Immediately, the next day Deci-hells made some calls around the world and the various new members raced from Ireland, Berlin, Reykjavík and the Isle of White to their meeting point in Dalston East London. They ate Turkish food and discussed the new project.
The new band rehearsed later that evening and travelled to Liverpool the next day to join the tour. The Tour was a triumphant success and Rat:att:agg was born.

RAT:ATT:AGG’s members are from long line of Indie, hardcore, experimental and electronic bands. Their music is fast, frantic, discordant, raw, twisted and aggressive and at the next minute melodic, crafted, epic and powerful pop music. It’s almost a form of musical Torettes. Anything goes and the kitchen sink often makes an appearance but the important thing is that every song is stamped with the unique Rat:att:agg sound.

RAT:ATT:AGG’s aim is to generally cause havoc and bring some interesting, imaginative and exciting music back to the grey skied world of popular music at long last. Rat:att:agg’s debut single ‘Can We Fix It?/Lift the Hex’ was recently released as the 3rd smashing release on the newly launched Moshi Moshi Singles, Their debut EP ‘And on the First Day the Gods Created...’ is out now on Rallye/Klee in Japan and their debut album is expected to be released on Dim Mak in early 2008.

UPDATE: RAT:ATT:AGG are set to play the USA for the first time after being asked to play a Dim Mak Records Showcase as part of the CMJ Marathon in New York in October.
Their application is being reviewed by CMJ and they look forward to playing some great shows during the event and making their presence felt in the US!