We are two best friends making music for any other best friends to listen to while sharing a six-pack on the prettiest day of summer.

Alternatively: if Hermione's spell, "Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow; Turn this stupid fat rat yellow!" actually worked and that newly blonde rat started to sing...


At the dawn of time, a diminutive scientist in the basement of a sewer lab in rainy downtown Chicago mixed up his test tubes: the experiment was doomed! When the smoke cleared and the sound died down once more, the man was floored. His pulse quickened as he realized the terrifying truth that he had created the world’s first super-species … the Ratboy was born.

Eons later (in 2010), two young souls were lucky enough to come together and access this secret once lost to man. After they met at the beginning of their freshman year at Notre Dame, Dave Sagan and Julia Steiner not only learned of the crushing power of the Ratboy, but they also discovered that they both liked listening to music and playing it together (among other things like eating pasta served in bread bowls, but that’s for another time).

On a whim in March 2011, Dave and Julia decided to record five songs they had been playing for a while. Julia recorded her parts in the chapel of her dorm, Breen-Phillips Hall, and Dave recorded his parts in his basement bedroom in Oak Forest, IL. They released this EP, called RATBOY, on April Fools Day. It was hilarious!

The EP was met with zero violent riots or protests, so Ratboy felt satisfied. But, there was anger lurking across state lines. A musician in Upstate New York who went and still goes by the name Ratboy approached the Notre Dame Ratboy in a dark email alley. His only surly demand: that Ratboy change their name. After many passive-aggressive exchanges and then ignoring the issue while more than a few moons passed, Ratboy(s) was finally forced to make the switch. They were almost “Watboy.” They were almost “Batroy.” But in the end, they were “Ratboys.”

After playing their first show at Kyle Lang’s house in June 2011, Ratboys went nuts and started playing live pretty often. They played at the annual Big Show, which is something you need to see to believe. In the fall of 2011 they also opened for Maps and Atlases at Subkirke in South Bend, Indiana and played Midwest Fest in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. The drive to MwF involved navigating the backroads to the venue with no directions or live phones. Kurt Le slept while Jeff Dent put on podcasts about science.

Ratboys spent the next few months writing and working on new songs, and learning at college. They meant to record a few times, and finally got down to it eventually. Their new EP, AOID, will be released through Swerp Records in summer 2012, which is rather exciting.

As for the future, Dave is studying architecture in Rome, Italy and Julia is studying English in Dublin, Ireland for the 2012-13 school year. The band, thanks to the bionic energy and tenacity of the Ratboy spirit, however, will forge ahead. Maybe the Queen of England would enjoy a bit of live rat music to accompany her afternoon tea? We can’t rule it out.


The Stanza

Written By: Ratboys

I have a history of loving all the wrong guys
In high school we studied Stalin, said I love that guy
But I am cursed, oh yeah I’m cursed alright
In high school we studied Marx, yeah he had pretty eyes

But I wonder why and where we have to go

I have a tendency of biting my nails when I’m bored
Sit on my computer for nothing, writing I’m so bored
But I am trapped beneath my bed, oh lord
Sit on my computer for something to occupy my time

But I wonder why and where we have to go

I have a penalty that I like to pay at night
In high school I got yelled at by one of the wrong guys
But I am first, oh yeah I’m first in line
In college someone told me that I have pretty eyes

Down the River

Written By: Ratboys

Close my ears, eyes go down the river
Lights are clear, they’re working to catch my view
Walking down the shore, I’m trying to meet New Hampshire
But New England is mean, I really wish that it weren’t true

Left a six pack of Heineken on her grave
The world can hardly wait

So take my meaning and throw it in the river
If it drowns I guess it’s not a witch
I love to dream of her breath of heaven
‘Cause life is not a maze, it’s just a straight line ending in a ditch

Left a six pack of Heineken on her grave
The world can hardly wait

And can the preacher ever really reconcile me?
Because my sins, they reach so far and wide
And maybe hell, maybe it’s just a waiting room
Or maybe it’s a place where the cowards run and hide

But all I know is that I left a six pack of Heineken on her grave
The world can hardly wait

Intense Judgment

Written By: Ratboys

I know it’s sad when friendships die away
But, it happens to everyone everyday
Putting on lotion on every inch you can reach of your skin
You give me such an impression, I surrender you win

On the second on July, I stumbled my toe
It was two thousand and ten, and my brother was in Mexico
I followed you up and then down in the land of the Cherokee
You told me a story of a woman: she was tortured so badly

My sunglasses magically turned my eyes into microscopes
I used these new powers to cross-section tiny seeds and dying hopes
We were located atop a tunnel above interstate sixty-four
We silently let all the cars pass, and one honked its horn

But an intense judgment came o’er my face
This is neither the time nor the place
You disrupted my beautiful afternoon
Afternoon to you too


Written By: Ratboys

I have a key, it unlocks a door
I pay attention when looking for

Walk backwards slowly, pretend to commit a crime
Oh my body’s nervous, pores windy bleeding light

I’d like to vaporize with you tonight
I have a key, it makes thing right


Femme Fatale (Cover) - January 2012
RATBOY EP - April 2011

AOID EP - (Forthcoming) August 2012

Set List

We change our setlist for each show.