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Rishaard is one of the most distinctive artists to blossom out Toronto, with his raspy, attention grabbing voice and lyrics accompanied by smooth, head nodding beats, Rishaard brings a new refreshing sound, and energetic stage performance that any audience will indulge.


In the winter of 1989, Toronto, Canada met the future of innovative music. Upon immigrating to the Great North's hip-hop capital, Trinidadian-born Rishaard Hyndman (Rishaard a.k.a. Shamon Harage) began utilizing his already musically influenced lifestyle by channeling his talents through his newfound friend: hip-hop. The perfect blend of raw energy, crisp wit and soulful raspiness, Rishaard's voice and flow is one of the most distinct in T-dot's large hip-hop community. He, however, has remained in the 'background' as one of the members of the underground collection known as Monolith.

Analyzing the rap game for the past few years, Rishaard is now more than ready to become a major player as a solo recording artist. As a member of Monolith, Rishaard helped find the independent label, One Rock Records. Together with his crew in 1998, he released "The Long Awaited.." a six-track EP that shattered the boundaries previously placed in the Canadian hip-hop market. Without a major label or distributor, Monolith sold thousands of cassettes and subsequent 12" singles featuring the cuts "Bye D'Plenty" and "At The T.O.P.", made popular, in part, by Rishaard's flows. As one of the featured MCs in the lead single "At The T.O.P.", Rishaard made his music video debut in September 1998. With the video in rotation for several months on Canada's premier music station MuchMusic, Rishaard also joined his crew in a number of live television performances and interviews on "RapCity", "DaMix", and "The Mike Bullard Show"

Further proving his ability and skills, the new millennium saw Rishaard display his talent on Monolith member Dan-e-o's The Book of Daniel album in "Peanut Butter Danish"( 2003). Rishaard was also featured on Irs' Juno-nominated “Welcome To Planet Irs LP on "M.W.O" in 2005. Appearing on one of Monolith's biggest club bangers to date! Along with Jamaican reggae superstar Red Rat, Rishaard lead off in the single "Kama Sutra" a Calypso-tinged classic accompanied by a music video that has received millions views on YouTube!

Rishaard has had his fair share of stage experience. No stranger to a live audience, he has toured across Canada with Choclair, Kardinal and Saukrates and the U.S. sharing the stage with some of hip-hop's heaviest hitters including Masta Killa, Jeru The Damaja, Young Buck and Mobb Deep. Striving to make a bigger impact and to establish himself as a true heavyweight, Rishaard released the mixtape "Confessions Of A .." in the ending of 2006. The CD featured underground hits, "4 All My"and "Let It Out" featuring Universal Music recording artist, Toya Alexus of "Pop Stars" fame. This single, however, was only the tip of the iceberg.

In 2007, Rishaard made various appearances on local D.J.mixtapes and various showcases through out the city. In a continuous hunger to further his career, Rishaard entered and placed 2nd in the Howard University "Next 2 Blow" Howard Homecoming competition, in Washington D.C.

Continuing to make appearances, he assisted fellow Mono members, Grimace Love on his Debut LP "Perception" and Wio-K's debut LP "In Real Life" Rishaard has connected and worked with various producers and MCs in the city, recently he paired up with producer Gee Wunder and Lyve (remix) to bring the Up-tempo, street track "We Goin In" which is receiving great airplay.

Rishaard is currently preparing for his debut album, and has dropped the first official Single "Keepin' It Moving" a smooth, head nodding, banger, produced by Kool Aid of Soundsmith Productions. In 2011, The release of his debut full-length album, Now Or Never Maybe?. Promises to set a new standard for Canadian artists, this LP represents Rishaard's next step towards ultimate success.

Toronto's newest soloist is set to break grounds. Prepare yourself for the riot...Rishaard is about to blow!



Written By: R.Hyndman /C.Clark /D.Morgan

Uhh! Yea
Whooo, Kool Aid I'm Lovin' this maayne,
Ha ..... Right

Shorty just dripping with swagger,
Loving How your assets all look at me mad, Huh,
Thick thighs like a sister built in Atlanta,
see Im the type of brother built with "bestest" of manners,
But sorry to grab you,
I got to have you,
your body needs some work,
and Im built with them Hammers,
even with the make-up, silk top pajamas,
I can nail you to the wall, provide the banger, uh!
You're the reason why I sing this song,
so we could bounce up out the club,
and maybe we can get it on
(on, on)
Usually you ain't even my type,
But you'll do tonight,
What you doing Tonight?
Hopefully, shorty your answer is ME!
and I would love to bet it,
see ill put it on my credit
You could get it,
You could get it,
You know what i mean, right

I'll take care of them "C" cups or Double "D"'s
back it up,
Don't worry about hurting me,
I apply that pressure most certainly,
Baby girl I'll fulfill your fantasy,
Yea, Shorty You could get it

CAPONE: You can get it!
- Shorty You Could Get it

(repeat 2x)

Yo! I'm fresh home,
still in and out of zone,
I make you moan,
put away your cell phone,
all alone, swinging that pipe up in your bones,
shake your waistline,
while i be polishing off my chrome.
I'm gangster boo,
so bring on your whole crew,
Kool-Aid, Rishaard and I,
ain't got, no curfew,
all we wanna do is party and lay down a few,
tracks on your back,
if it's O.K. with you.
From it's "YES", Im putting my stamina to the test,
nothing less than half an hour, coming from the projects.
In and out ....
You know the flex,
of course I'm blessed,
No Boo, I don't smoke cess
I get high off of shortys.....
I get high off of shortys....
I get high off of shortys....


There's something different about you.
You got that "umph" about you,
Connect the dots, this the plot,
what not,
set it off, so I'll raise them spirits right out you,
(huh), I'm set how I let it go,
and I ain't spitting lyrics, being honest so that you will know.
Usually I ain't really your type.
I will do for the night,
I will do you tonight
Bob the Plumber coming,
just to lay the pipe
and "Gat Dang" got you melting in my hand right?
See what hand write,
blow minds like land-mines,
and Im that 23, when it comes to hang time.
So strap up enjoy the writer,
you ain't first choice on my rider
Your 6th chick on my roster,
But somehow,
You still stand out like a Monster



Singles Released
"Kama Sutra" (Monolith)*
"For All My.."
"Ain't One Thang"*
"We Goin In"*
"Keepin It Movin'"*

"Confessions of A...."
"The Bakery Compilation"

* - radio play

Set List

- Rishaard's Stage performances is a very
uptempo paced show, which involves crowd participation and "Jump off stage" performances which seizes the audiences attention.
-Shows can be adjusted depending on time allowed: (20-25 min avge)

-Intro - (w/Crowd Participation)
-"For All My "
-"Cold Cut"
-"Kama Sutra (Rishaard's verse)
-"Ain't One Thang"
-"READY TO GO HOME" (Crowd Participation)
-(Acapella/freestyle Verse)
-"We Goin In"
-"Keepin it Movin"