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A lyrical and catchy mix of spaced out dub, alternative hip hop an punk rock energy.


Ratface was born out of a love for the diy punk that i grew up on and an obssession with leftfield hip hop an dub reggae. Building on this i spent a few years in the wilderness of unemployment an bedsit madness, honing this hybrid sound an gigging around bristol an the south west. A happy, sweaty gig at a community centre in spring 2007 led to a chance meeting with southampton punk label 'at the library records', a short uk tour an my first record 'ratface on ice'. In early 2008 i played a massive squat party that was part of a city wide demonstration an which hooked me up with the local free party scene. That summer was jam packed with great some squat parties an benefit gigs around st pauls an the east bristol area. Around this time i also hooked up with bristol based noise label bumtapes recordings, who put out my second record 'down with ratface' an in the autumn i did a 10 date tour of new york state through anti -folk band dufus. In early 2009 i gained a bit of rare national coverage with a feature in Bearded magazine, who also asked for some songs to be released with the issue. This turned into a
EP an then a mini album, which was eventually released as 'enough ratface' on bumtapes. 2009 turned out to be a tough year locally, with many local squats a venues bein closed down, so i pushed further a field again with gigs up north, mainly in manchester an liverpool, an in london, with some late night slots at Coco's an Shunt. Recently i have been working with some new producers, putting on benefit shows an working towards a new full length for london label Brainlove records.


Ratface...... on ice ( 2007- at the library records)
Ratface ... down with.... ( 2008- bumtapes)
Ratface... enough ( 2009- bumtapes an bearded records)

Currnetly working on forthcoming album for Brainlove records

Set List

I generally play 30/40 minute sets. This is 5/6 songs worked into a continuous piece, with free style/improv/loop jams linking the main songs.