Jacksonville Beach, Florida, USA

Rathkeltair blends catchy original songs with tight, driving straight-ahead rock-n-roll, while never forgetting their Celtic roots. World-class musicians from Northern Ireland, England and America playing together with incredible energy, intensity and dynamics make Rathkeltair a must-see.


RATHKELTAIR** blends compelling and catchy original songs with tight, driving straight-ahead rock-n-roll, while never forgetting its Celtic roots.

Based in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, Rathkeltair has been on the road full-time since 2003. Highly regarded for its extraordinary energy, showmanship and professionalism, Rathkeltair enjoys a loyal and rapidly expanding community of friends and fans.

Rathkeltair features three veteran road-warriors from England, Northern Ireland and America. Noted singer-songwriter/guitarist Trevor Tanner, former front man for The Bolshoi, a mainstay of the UK club scene at the height of the MTV era and the subject of a rabid international underground cult following, writes most of the band's original material. Drummer Nick Watson (formerly of the Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band) and bagpiper/multi-instrumentalist Neil Anderson are two of the original members of Clan Na Gael (7 Nations), the NYC-based band that kicked off the "kilt rock" phenomenon in the US in the mid-90's and inspired many of the groups working in that genre today.

Rathkeltair's name-sake is a famous historical site in County Down, Northern Ireland, also known as the "mound of Down." Besides being close to the village where Nick was born and raised, the band chose the name as a tip of the hat to its Celtic heritage.

"Something GOOD for a Change," Rathkeltair's latest recording (May, 2011), delivers the extraordinary energy and dynamics fans have come to expect from one of the most talked about bands on the North American festival circuit. "Something GOOD for a Change" combines Tanner's critically acclaimed songwriting and guitar work with world-class performances by Anderson, Watson, and bassist Billy Thornton, who has been touring with the band since 2006.

Rathkeltair fans made their voices heard during Bonnaroo Festival's Annual Road to Roo competition (April, 2011) propelling Rathkeltair to a very respectable 13th place finish out of over 1,000 entries. Rathkeltair was also voted "Best Celtic Rock Band" in the Celtic MP3 Music Magazine Annual Audience Poll.

Rathkeltair has been featured at many of the biggest and best-known Celtic Festivals in North America including the Dublin Irish Festival (Dublin, OH), New Hampshire Highland Games (Loon Mountain, NH), Long's Peak Scottish-Irish Highland Festival (Estes Park, CO), Grandfather Mountain Highland Games (Linville, NC), and the Glengarry Highland Games, Ontario, Canada.

As thousands of festival-goers will tell you, Rathkeltair always delivers and never disappoints.

Rathkeltair is coming soon to a festival near you- accept no substitutes!

More Info: www.rathkeltair.com

**(pronounced rath-KELT-ur)


Rathkeltair currently has four full-length CD's and one EP/CD in distribution. All titles are available on rathkeltair.com and the full-length titles are also available on iTunes.

"Something Good For A Change"
(2011 CD) released May 21, 2011

"Scenes From the Dragonfly Eye"
(2011 EP/CD) released February 20, 2011

(2009 CD) released October 21, 2009

"Big White Van"
(2008 CD) released July 25, 2008

(2006 CD) released March 17, 2006

Set List

The Rathkeltair show is a solid mix of originals and traditional Celtic music, along with an occassional contemporary cover, 50/50 vocals and instrumentals, arranged in a very compelling, jam-band style format.

Our sets are highly flexible, varied and never repetitive. A typical festival set runs 45-90 minutes, two or three times a day over a two-day weekend. The show is always high-energy and audience friendly.

We tailor our show to the audience, ensuring a widespread appeal to multiple age groups.

Rathkeltair prides itself on its work ethic. We have built solid relationships with many satisfied clients since we started touring in 2003. We aim to please. References are available on request.