Emotionally driven, sonically stimulated ***ra:tio*** blends driving rhythms with poignant electric leads topped off with visceral lyrics sung by a deep, powerhouse of a voice. Ra:tio's music captures moments in love and pain creating an intimate and provocative experience.


Veteran Toronto solo artist and songwriter Shean Carmichael envisioned Ra:tio in 2006 originally as an acoustic/electric performing duo. By their second gig they had added Sydney and Scot on guitar and drums but did not find their true, unique sound until the recruitment of seasoned alt rock bassist J.Vine.

Ra:tio has performed and headlined at major Toronto club venues within 4 days of it's formation in November, 2006. They made their local live radio debut on CIUT in June, 2007.The band, in its current iteration, looks forward to the release of it's current EP, Burndown in November of 2007.

New Year, New Look, New Energy. Check out Ra:tio - you will never be the same again.


first EP: Burndown

sample songs: www.myspace.com/ratiorocks

Set List

8 Milesin
Looking Away
Love Me Or Leave Me
Show Me Your Face
Live To Air
It's Impossible
Oh Yeah

Sets are 40 min long, we can play one or two sets