Traverse City, Michigan, USA

Ratone is a friend based band, we love playing together and playing for others enjoyment! We do cover songs and we write out own music! we would love for you to give us a gig!


Sean Brown- lead vocals, guitar
Billy Barton- drums,vocals
Peter Melichar- bass,vocals
Aaron Mahoney- lead guitar,vocals

Ratone was created in 2008 after three friends in scouting shared the same love for music. They all decided they would start recording, after they realized they had natural talent they decided to gain a fourth member.

in three years ratone has recently grown into what you see today.


Original Songs:
Salvation Road
Double Crossed
Fade Out
"Grunge" Song
Chase the Moon
1000 Words
Aint Comin Back
Currently Working On More Originals...

Cover Songs:
Molly's Chambers- (Kings Of Leon)
Blackbird- (The Beatles)
Norwegian Wood- (The Beatles)
Red Morning Light- (Kings Of Leon)
Ooh La La (Rod Stewart)
Desire (u2)
Vertigo (u2)
Back agaisnt the wall (cage the elephant)
aint no rest for the wicked (cage the elephant)
little lion man (mumford and sons)
white blanke page (mumford and sons)
falson prison blues (johnny cash)
be my girl (jet)
Gloria (Van Morrison)
What I Like About You (The Romantics)
Little Toy Gun (honeyhoney)
Girl (Beck)
December (Collective Soul)

Currently Working On More Cover Songs...

Set List

We will work with anything you have got!

We only need about 4 mics
we have a bass guitar
accousitic guitar
electric guitar.

We can work with you!