Rats of New York

Rats of New York

 New York City, New York, USA

Rats of New York are a 4 piece Rock n Roll combo drenched in Proto-Punk sauce.


Founded in the back of a pizzeria in 2005, the Rats of New York are still thumping away, touring each year and leaving a trail of vinyls in their wake


Rats of New York (Lp) 2015 ...Details TBA

Droppin' Out (45 rpm vinyl w/b-side) 2013 

Tabloids (Ep, Digital Release) 2012 

I Dont Understand It (45 rpm vinyl w/b-side) 2009 & 2010

Rats of New York (4 song Ep, 45 rpm vinyl) 2007 

Rats of New York & WLWL (Split CD) 2005

Set List

10 to 12 songs per set. Songs are under 3 minutes.
25 minute sets. 2nd set w/ rock n roll covers optional.