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The best kept secret in music


"Ratsicule Rule"


Ratsicule at the Cameron House, February 14. Tickets: $5. Attendance: 125. Rating: NNNN

Popped into the Cameron House Saturday night for what turned out to be a benefit for the Starlight Foundation and discovered Ratsicule . They're a local duo of lovely ladies with a flair for fashion, interpretive dance and karaoke who become Parisian and lapse into sexy French accents and franglais the moment they hit the stage. Les Soeurs Bardot, Lisa et Kristi-Ly , showcase a hilarious blend of catchy pop punk and eurotrash electro cabaret wrapped in sex kittenish antics and racy lyrics, all topped with a beret and tied up with a big pink bow. French and Saunders meet Gary Numan, Kraftwerk, the Ramones and of course Brigitte Bardot. Then everybody climbs in to the back of a big pink Volvo and starts making out because French is the language of love, or amour. (I discover later they've mispelled it on their Web site as "amore.")

I was enjoying the performance too much at the time, however, to notice language errors, so I can't comment on the accuracy of their French.

The tracks were tightly pre-recorded, leaving the performers free to prance and pose as they pouted their way through tunes about – what else? – love and all things sexy, like Sexy Sexy Portuguese Ladies and Hot Dr. Hotfluss, plus a cover of To Know, Know, Know Her Is To Love, Love, Love Her, which is where the interpretive dance came in.

They ended things off with I'm Too Slutty To Go To Your Party, which just made you want to invite them. There were pompoms and spanking and crawling onstage. These filles are adorable, and they play off each other to create a theatrical and musical experience.

Ratsicule began as a performance- art project that got out of hand, which is lucky for us. I laughed my way through their entire set.

Novelty? You bet your derrière, ma chère. There's only so far you can go with this sort of thing, but I imagine girls clever enough to put something like this together have more up their tutus.

NOW | FEB 19 - 25, 2004 | VOL. 23 NO. 25
- NOW Magazine

"Exlcaim! CD review"

Un Chaud Combo



By Liz Worth
December 07, 2004

Ooh la la, these Bardot sisters are a couple of fun girls. France’s and Canada’s super sexy electro-pop dream machines have debuted with an album that is daring and provocative. It’s lust at first listen when the opening track “I’m Too Slutty To Go To Your Party” breaks out. The album carries on with its Euro-trash styled songs, taking the listener along on dangerous car rides and fantasies that are soaked in voyeurism. There’s a satisfying amount of debauched content with plenty of bleeps and bloops thrown in along the way. There’s even a clap-along or two for those who like their music to be interactive. Kristi and Lisa Bardot have figured out how hot French pop can be and they’ve worked combinations of it into a killer routine. Fans of female-fronted electro now have something new to get fanatical about, and it’s called Ratiscule.

- Exclaim! magazine

"Wavelength CD review"

Un Chaud Combo (www.ratsicule.com)
This girl duo reminds me a bit of Thee Headcoatees — they write very cute pop songs and rock’n’roll tunes about underwear and pink Volvos. Its party music, but they make it interesting by varying their songs. On some tracks they distort their guitars and sing really cute lyrics, which makes them dead ringers for The Donnas. On other tracks, they sing over a keyboard and drum machine. They do a good job of making a fun album, and also model themselves as Brigitte Bardot’s younger sisters. This album is perfect for a girly primpfest or sleepover, if yr into that kind of thing. — KK
File next to: Thee Headcoatees, The Donnas.
- Wavelength magazine

"NXNE show review"

Chartattack.com’s nxne report card of our show:
Ratsicule @ Bovine Sex Club
Friday June 11, 2004 @ 03:30 PM
By: ChartAttack.com Staff

Band: Ratsicule
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Venue: Bovine Sex Club
Date: June 10, 2004
Reporter: Amanda Factor
Composition A tres sexy duo who claim to be the daughters of Brigitte Bardot.

Achievement of Rock 'n' Roll Expectations
* 80-100: Band exceeds skill and knowledge expectations. Rocked us so hard we peed our pants.
* 70-79: Band achieves required skills and knowledge. Meets rock 'n' roll standard.
* 60-69: Demonstrates some skills. Approaches rock 'n' roll standard.
* 50-59: Band demonstrates some required skills and knowledge in a limited way.
* Below 50: Band has not demonstrated required skills or knowledge.

Grade: 90

World Domination Status:
Progressing well towards world domination

There is probably nothing sexier than heavily-accented deadpanned vocals delivered over heavy beats.

Learning Skills:
E=Excellent, G=Good, S=Satisfactory, N=Sad Really

Oral And Visual Communication

Eye Contact: E Strengths/Weaknesses/Next Step:
Pronounciation: G The girls flounced and bounced around the stage like a couple of goofballs, busting out cheesy go-go dancer moves. For a split second, they broke character, barely able to contain their own giggles.
Stage Presence: E
Stage Banter: E
Image: E
Appearance: E
Use Of Stage: E

Musical Analysis

Level Of Participation: E Strengths/Weaknesses/Next Step:
Problem Solving: E Songs about big pink Volvos and the dog track were delivered in faux Parisian accents. Best title: "I'm Too Slutty To Go To Your Party."
Teamwork: E
Work Habits: G
Organization: N
Audience Participation: S
Sound: E
Composition: E
Songs: E

Other Skills And Areas Of Interest

Charisma: E Strengths/Weaknesses/Next Step:
Problem Solving: S Playing the roles of a no-nonsense matron and a naïve schoolgirl, their brilliantly acted personas complemented one another perfectly. Their frolics with cheerleader pom-poms and hula hoops had every male in the crowd transfixed.
Teamwork: E
Sexiness: E
Haircut: S
Indie Rock Footwear: G
Nods To Disposible Fashion: G
Cool Equipment: E
Level Of Inebriation: G
Actual Ability: G

- Chartattack.com

"Hyperactive Bastard Lovechildren"

How to describe the zaniness that is Ratsicule? If Lederhosen Lucil had a couple of equally hyperactive sisters who were kidnapped and raised in Paris... No, better yet, we'll let the effervescent Bardot sisters, Kristi and Lisa, describe themselves: "The bastard lovechildren of a brief yet fruitful romance between Brigitte Bardot (maman of yéyé) and Joey Ramone (père of punk rock), Ratsicule is un vraiment mélange de karaoke, philosophie, plus de moves chauds et special musique shake, avec les outfits sexies et les harmonies érotiques."

The Toronto gals are rocking Montreal this weekend, supported by electro-girl Suck Machine and the irreverent Trannie Tronic with Sunbreaker. Feb. 26, 9 p.m., all part of Meow Mix at La Sala Rossa (4848 St-Laurent), $10; and Feb. 27, 8 p.m., at Mile End Bar (5322 St-Laurent), $10. » Vincent Tinguely
- Montreal Mirror, Feb.24/05

"Wild End Girls"

Les filles du Mile End savent-elles etre sauvages et osees derriere leur reputation de vegetaliennes fines gueules? C’est bien ce que pretend la soiree Wild End Girls ou trois groupes feminine revoient a leur maniere ce mélange a la mode d’electro-pop-casio-karaoke. Les etoiles de la soiree, les Torontoises Ratsicule connues comme les soeurs Bardot, aiment le mensonge, le faux accent francais, le cabaret sexy. Elles charmeront a l’aide d’hymnes pop quelque peu deshabilles tel “Big Pink Volvo.” Comme partenaire de jeu, le groupe evocateur Suck Machine compose d’Alexis O’Hara et de JRobot. Puis, la travestie Tranie Tronique ajoutera un peu de tension avec son numero sexy a la Peaches. L’operation seduction est en marche. (Sarah Levesque) * Mile End Bar. Dim. 27 fev. 20h. 10$. 279-0200
- Voir magazine


Les premiere disque de Ratsicule, Un Chaud Combo, is out now, featuring ten hot trax, cherie, including such hits as "I'm Too Slutty to go to Your Party," "Dr. Hotfluss," "Stuttgart Stutters and Polish Pleasure," and "Big Pink Volvo"! The second record of Ratsicule, Partie D'Amour, will be released in the fall of 2005.


Feeling a bit camera shy


…The Birth of Ratsicule!

Kristi and Lisa Bardot were born on a fresh, newly-mown spring morning to totally different mothers, but in adjacent rooms, within minutes of one another, in a Paris hospital. Although neither one understood the significance of their proximity at the time, it was immediately clear to the nurses that both infants bore an uncanny resemblance to a certain French pop star of the day.

Sadly, the childhoods of les femmes de Ratsicule were bleak, cheerless affairs, filled with trips to the dour dentists, arithmetic tests, sneering schoolchildren, pinched cheeks, and flat, orthopedic-style shoes. In short, the girls experienced a lack, felt supremely and yet inarticulately expressed. Little did they know, les Bardots sought simultaneous solace from their bleak existences by immersing themselves in edifying cultural activities which focused primarily on American punk rock of the late1970’s, yéyé, philosophy, conceptual art, and the films of Brigitte Bardot. Nonetheless, it would be many years until the girls would share their findings and, ultimately, form the electronic karaoke freakout duo dance machine known to the world as Ratsicule.

One blustery day, in January of 2002, while crossing in opposite directions over a Parisian bascule, les belles madmoiselles stopped beside one another to ponder a view of the Left Bank through the grey, incessant rain. Kristi glanced at the damp, forlorn face of Lisa, shocked to see its uncanny similarity to her own. Simultaneously, Lisa turned her head to find her gaze met by a face so familiar, she almost cried out with recognition. The young ladies stood for a moment, staring at one another, fully cognizant of the crackling energie between them. They then realized, with a second shock, that their outfits were almost eerily coordinated: Lisa wore a black fur-trimmed capelet with hot pink pom-poms, a miniskirt, and knee-high black leather boots; Kristi sported a short white capelet trimmed with hot pink faux fur, a miniskirt, and knee-high white leather boots.

They could contain themselves no longer. The future doyennes of the worldwide electropop karaoke freakout explosion stepped forward and took one another by the hand. They could deny it no longer: they had found, unexpectedly, on a Parisian bridge, their soulmates, their âme-soeurs. This marked the beginning of the beautiful partnership that would go on to become the internationally renowned phenomenon known as Ratsicule.

Recalls Kristi Bardot: “It was as though everything began the moment that Lisa and I met one another.”

Lisa Bardot adds: “We were alone, two individuals experiencing life only at half-volume. Now, we hear everything, we experience, we dance, we create, we sing. Kristi and I may have two bodies, but we share one brain.”

At present, les soeurs Bardot live in the paradise of French culture that is Toronto, Ontario, where they have released a hit-making, ass-shaking album entitled Un Chaud Combo (available in finer independent record shops across the European and American continents), played shows avec plus d’artistes chouette - Lederhosen Lucil, Alexis O’Hara, Kids on TV, Les Six, Fox the Boombox, Republic of Safety, Cougar Party, the Phonemes, and many more – and will soon release album deux, Partie D'Amour, upon unsuspecting fans.