Rats! Rats! Rats!

Rats! Rats! Rats!

 Shawnee, Oklahoma, USA

Rats Rats Rats is chaotic, defiant, loud and like no other band. It's post-hardcore with elements of punk, indie, classic rock, psychedelia and just plain noise with four dudes barking / screaming / growling / singing / whispering / crooning / yelling about horrific apocalyptic visions on top.


Rats Rats Rats started in late 2008 as just a band name on Rock Band. Within months it's founding members realized that they had real playable instruments gathering dust in their rooms and Rock Band lost it's fun. Jonesy moved his guitar amp into Byron's room with the drums and Rats Rats Rats was born.
In the beginning it was just drums, guitar and vocals. Songs were weird. Lyrics were silly. Shows consisted of heavy alcohol consumption and lots of improv comedy. Sometimes we'd play in our underwear or with fake moustaches. Friends always showed up to see what we'd do next. We were a spectacle.
In late 2009 the band took a hiatus and reformed in 2010 with a purpose. Mike started playing a Korg Kaossilator touchpad synth and taking his songwriting duties much more seriously. The first EP was recorded and we started opening for an amazing array of diverse bands bands like Mr. Gnome, The Abominable Iron Sloth, Eagle Claw, Lo-Pan and The Body. We scored a timeslot on the inaugural FreeTulsa festival and started picking up momentum, but something still wasn't right.
In early 2011 we finally added Russell Roberts on bass and co-lead singing duties to flesh out our sound. The tones of the songs became more aggressive as we embraced our roots in post-hradcore. We played Norman Music Festival 4 and recorded our second EP to which the response has been overwhelmingly postive.

We are Rats Rats Rats and we are perfectly poised to take over the world. Our main influences range from Deftones, Botch, Glassjaw, Every Time I Die and These Arms Are Snakes to Death Cab For Cutie, MGMT and Passion Pit to Hella, Marnie Stern, and Deerhoof to Kanye West, and MF Doom to cartoon theme songs and 8bit video game music.

RIYL: Deftones, Glassjaw, These Arms Are Snakes


A Wolf In Wolves' Clothing

Written By: Rats Rats Rats

Jack Johnson hears the sound of fingernails clicking on the concrete outside. A change comes crawling in. He laces up his gloves. Shatter teeth! Send them to the grinder! Violent bodies full of sharpened bones. Jack put them back on the ground! Pulverize for hungry eyes. Round after round. Jack Johnson versus the monsters. Do you hear the crowd? They're cheering you now. Pulling teeth out of his glove. The champion. Well deserving of your love. Your champion.

That's What She Said

Written By: Rats Rats Rats

(Time has come to rise up.) Plague-bearer! Pestilential freak! Your mother raised you an abhorrent beast. Sickening poison tumbles over teeth. Rest your fucking case. Go back to sleep. [You're a witless failure. You'll never get another chance] Remove the head and discard the rest. Sever your body from your ignorance. Let your vicious spit fly from your ragged neck. you can be the king of all that's left. [It's a little to late when your realize that your life was just a fucking waste.] Meanwhile Jack and I are fixing things with a hacksaw and a monkey wrench. {There is no sense in running}
Still working on your grand argument. All I can say is I'm glad you're alone when it rains. it rains all of the colors in my paintbox when it rains.

Endless Boss Fights

Written By: Rats Rats Rats

How long has the king been dead? Oh god it seems like weeks. Quit putting the crown on his head. Quit moving his mouth to make him speak. (you casted us aside. your definition based on lies. you can't control us) To make it look he speaks at least. No one's fooled when he makes his decrees. We see him talk and all we hear is "you bastards bury me please" ( you know who we are. we use your dead as vessels. we only strive at night) How long now lost in the jungle? My love it must be months. How long have these snakes been charmed or are they charming us? Do we just watch them dumbly? Flickering their tongues. Do we beg them for their love while they, carefully, drain our blood? (bring your dead) How long has all hope been lost? We fear it feels like years. We can't defeat these devils. They're in our innards and in our inner ears. (bring your dead) Swilling wine. Half blind. Dancing on landmines. I don't know. I get confused sometimes.


So Little To Say & So Much Time EP - 2010
Parade Rainer EP - 2011