Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Ratfynkt is the side project of Mike Najarian from State Radio. A departure from SR's genre, Ratfynkt delves into complex guitar solos, melodic effects, and heavy rhythms; musing stylings from alternative and grunge rock.


State Radio drummer Mike Najarian's newly resurrected project, Ratfynkt, was formed by three high school friends from Duxbury, Massachusetts in 2005. Chris Delisle switched from guitar to bass, and Mike Najarian moved to guitar/vocals from behind the kit to make way for new drumming phenom Steve DiRamio. Joe Forte joined the band in February '08 on lead guitar.

In 2006, Najarian joined the aggressively touring band State Radio as drummer and Ratfynkt took a back seat for the three high school friends. In 2007, DiRamio joined State Radio on tour as drum and guitar tech and Ratfynkt recorded tracks under the indie label DeRame Records during State Radio's breaks from touring.

In 2008 Ratfynkt plans to continue to record their record debut "Populate" and expand by playing more shows and putting out new music.



Set List

Babies Having Babies (with special guest Marty O'Malley)
The Urgency
Out the Window
Cover: Rockin in the Free World - jam

Our sets vary from 30 to 50 minutes. Marty O'Malley usually fronts the beginning of the set as an opener. Rockin in the Free World is usually a longer (8 minute plus) jam at the end.