Rattletree Marimba

Rattletree Marimba


Rattletree Marimba plays high-energy Zimbabwean marimba music. Their primary motivation is to get the audience DANCING and feeling GREAT!


Rattletree Marimba is a Zimbabwean style marimba band based in Austin, Texas. They play high-energy dance and trance music that is guaranteed to get the dance floor moving from the first song!

Rattletree is quickly making it's mark in the music scene in Austin ,TX-the "live music capitol of the World". Playing over 100 shows in 2007 alone, Rattletree has been featured in The Austin Chronicle, Austin Daze, and Austin Music Magazine. They have played the stage at some of Austin's biggest music festivals, including SXSW, First Night, Eeyores Birthday, Bob Marley Fest, and Pecan St. Fair.

For 2008, Rattletree's focus is on deepening their local support in their hometown of Austin. They are also creating waves in the surrounding communities, and are beginning to get attention in Houston, Dallas, College Station, San Marcos and several other regional communities. Committed to "doing it right", Rattletree has a vision of slowly building with their fans and letting their reputation precede them into new communities. They are achieving this through not only gigs and clubs and venues, but also by teaching workshops and clinics to students of all ages-from elementary schools to university level intensives. The infectious music of Zimbabwe is spreading throughout Texas.

Through all this attention, Rattletree has managed to stay true to it's roots in traditional Zimbabwean spirituality. In Zimbabwe, dance is an integral part of spirit-possession ceremonies and the Shona people of Zimbabwe have spent more than 1000 years perfecting the intense grooves that Rattletree is blessed to transmit to it's audience. Come share the joy and be a part of this music! Check out the sounds page to hear clips from Rattletree's most recent recordings. Or even better, come see Rattletree live, and you'll be hooked.


Rattletree Marimba-Live EP (released April 2007)
Joel Laviolette-Ndiro YeMidzimu (released February 2007)

Both albums have been featured on many radio stations, and in written reviews. See our press info for details.

Set List

Rattletree can play from a 45 minute to 4 hour show depending on the needs of the venue.