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a self-titled debut album was released in 10/2008



Residing in the quaint little boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn, in the obscure city of New York, the members of RTB try to make a living and contribution to the world in the realms of construction, helping the blind, and economic statistics.
Between the three of them, Bryan, Mike and
Chris, MUSIC is the common ground (that and they all get each other’s jokes, which is no small task). The unspoken agreement and goal is to make refreshing music incorporating their influences, which include forests, Tom Waits, good beer, beaches, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Violent Femmes, cigars, and the Pixies.
In their latest recording efforts, they squatted in an abandoned house to lay down 7 tracks in 2 days. And it’s a fact that once the band hits the stage, they are a force. The only uncertainty is the mystery of the name which was bestowed upon them, which will remain exactly that... a mystery.
Born with a guitar in one hand and a pick in the other, Mike B. came out of the womb strumming
a 6-string. There're no worries for this man because music is what he's gonna do and that's all there is
to it. With never-ending lyrics, melodies, ideas, and visions, he scrambles to get it all down on paper,
which would explain his handwriting and organizational skills. Influenced by country, blues, rock, and
Joey Santiago's "guitars from mars" mentality, Mike B. strums to the beat of an eclectic drummer. And that eclectic drummer would be Chris. Probably the most disciplined and learned of the band, he's always striving to learn new styles and techniques (some of which aren't even used in the band, he just wants them in his bank). With Danny Carey, of Tool, as his drum hero, you know he tries to raise the bar high every time he plays. The only thing he lacks is an onstage smile (but let it be
known that the lack of smile is not due to a lack of fun being had – it’s his immense focus while playing). Last but not least, Bryan, the self-proclaimed Beethoven of Bass (emphasis on self-proclaimed), holds down the low end. Between the three, he takes the traditional role of the glue for the guitar and drums, yet on stage he is anything but the traditional "stay in the back" bassist. Taking cues from Flea, Kurt Cobain, and Tom Waits, he lets his fingers, body and energy fly leaving nothing for himself.
The drums are the heartbeat, the guitar is the veins and blood flow, and Bryan and his bass are the
backbone of the beast.