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""4real You""

Featured USA4real Artist August 2008

August's Artist of the Month is a unique project I've had the distinct pleasure to watch in the midst of Hollywood's reality always trying to steal our dreams. This whole (band)idea started almost half a decade ago and it's gone through some serious bumps and has smashed into some road blocks. They changed their name after making some steady strides as The Silence. Not to mention, having to "X" bad ass songs like "Break My Heart" which will never be lost, but may never be found either.

Fallen under the leadership of singer Chris Poulson who did not quit. His mind set and soul focused on a perfect sound, he would settle for nothing less than his passion. He wrote new songs with new members, canned members, brought on new members, and he's managed to comprise a solid group for keeps. This brand new super five line-up is now known as the Superficial Saints. Chris found talented members to make the SS official: Nik Lawhorn on lead guitar, Ryan Demaree on piano, Jay Tag on bass and Jeff Miklaszewski on drums.

SS is currently on the verge of releasing their first EP produced by Erik Ron, "Salvation" with their present single "For You" that has been #2 on the Upstream Radio Charts since the beginning of July. "For You" is a radio scream of pop and rock that is really a unique melody and if given the proper air waves, could give the Superficial Saints a stake en route to a much larger stage. However, they aren't far away when they open for Steel Panther (formerly Metal Skool) at Hollywood's Key Club on August 25th. Unleashing the Lion, might be a better name for SS who are long over due for a show. (Chris, put me on the list +3. Thanks :-) I wouldn't miss it.

Now, that "Salvation" is soon to be released expect more to come, a sneak peak at their music video:, and we will have to leave it in the hands of the musical gods to decide the fate of the Superficial Saints.

-Luke Wryder -


Superficial Saints - Salvation EP
available on iTunes!

"For You" music video available for viewing on YouTube and MyspaceTV



Superficial Saints is a band all about the fans, reaching for deeper connections between musician and the masses, cultivating a sound that hearkens back to the glory days of rock and roll. Their latest EP produced by Erik Ron, Salvation, demonstrates a return to a time when great music and radio-friendly tunes were not mutually exclusive. Hitting wide on multiple online music venues for free download, Salvation's first single, "For You," foregrounds the band's diverse, solid songwriting skills, wrapping strong vocals and finely tuned guitar sounds around solid keys and thundering percussion.

The five-man band has been gradually garnering a buzz since forming in early 2007, when Poulson gathered the best musicians he'd come across during his time spent rocking the California coast with Rock Kills Kid. He scored an air-tight rhythm section with drummer Jeff Miklaszewski and bassist Carl Raether whose crushing grooves meld seamlessly with keyboardist Ryan Demaree's moody melodies and guitarist Nik Lawhorn's smokin' riffs, which pack the power of rock greats like Slash and Sambora but with an unpretentious subtlety. Put simply, this guy can rock the roof off a club without so much as breaking a sweat beneath his signature pork pie hat. The collaborative dynamic showcased on songs like "Died Young," an obsessive scorcher about losing a fantasy girl to twisted fate, and "The Promise," which highlights the band's vocal harmonies, has been drawing successively drawing bigger and bigger crowds to the band's Southern California shows and has led to sponsorship deals with several rock lifestyle companies from Ernie Ball and Coffin Case to Dirtbag Clothing and Spaun Drums. However, one spin of Salvation, particularly the disc's fiery free-wheelin' climax track "Ride of Your Life," makes it unquestionably clear that these guys spend more time perfecting tight rhythms and solid songs than they do on hair care. Sound engineer Erik Ron and Poulson's decidedly radio-friendly production perfectly captures the essence and raw energy of Superficial Saints' powerhouse live shows with three-minute songs that shake the foundation of popular music while at the same time revitalizing and rebuilding what rock and roll is all about.

In 2009, prepare to get deep with the Superficial Saints.