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BIOGRAPHY of R.A.U.L. (RighteousRecords)

Raul Esteban Nunez was raised by his grandparents in the Dominican Republic. At the age of 9, he experienced the death of his grandfather. At that time the love and passion for music began. When R.A.U.L. was 8, he picked up a record he found that his mother and father recorded before he was born. His eyed lit up when he saw his own mother and father on the cover. He was always playing around with records and tape players. He loved to sing along to whatever was playing. At that time he believed that making music was putting vinyl on a record and singing along while it was playing. It seemed so interesting to him.

On February 18, 1975 R.A.U.L. was born in a small town in Massachusetts called Methuen. His mother lived in a town near by called Lawrence. At the age of 13, his mother flew him from Dominican Republic to live with her in Lawrence, MA. From that point on, his mother raised him alone. R.A.U.L.’s father was never there, not even at the hospital when he was born. He went to grammar and high school in Lawrence. He dropped out in the 12th grade. Before he dropped out he was the lead singer in church. He also played the drums and performed in plays. He left all that when he dropped out and began to live the street life which ended him up in trouble with the law.

In February 1998, R.A.U.L. went to Florida to visit where he ended up staying. It was a struggle for him at first. This is when he bought an electronic piano and began writing his own songs. Mid year 1999 R.A.U.L. went into a studio where he discovered his true talents. Everyone asked how he did it when he recorded his first song. It was an emotion that is indescribable to him. R.A.U.L. had an opportunity to land a recording contract with the Estefan’s. He was introduced to members of ASCAP. He had a chance to begin his career. He was too into the street though. He didn’t realize at that time that he let his dreams slip through his hands.

Between 2002-2007 R.A.U.L. experienced some things that he never expected to go thru. For instance, he was rushed to the hospital bleeding profoundly with a cut in his neck and in his shoulder. The doctors were able to save his life because the wound he got on his neck missed his jugular by a centimeter. God gave R.A.U.L. another chance but some how he had to pay for that chance in life. He went to move from his bed and found himself shackled to the bed he was lying in. Come to find out he had a probation violation. He was taken to Broward County Infirmary which was one of the worst experiences he ever went thru. This made him realize it was time to change his lifestyle. He met his fiancé while he was working at a flea market. They had a baby boy named Cristian. Their son was born with a heart condition. He had to be flown to Miami Childrens Hospital where he had to undergo surgery to save his life. At that moment, R.A.U.L.’s world seemed to be falling apart. For him, this was worse than being in jail. Once again, God answered his prayers and the surgery was successful.

R.A.U.L. now owns his own Record Label called Righteous Records. He produces and writes his own songs. He is currently recording his first album called 4 R.E.A.L.L.Y. He released his first single “People Know” which is now being promoted. He is also pursuing acting in his career.


People Know

Written By: R.A.U.L. of Righteous Records

People Know

Chorus intro
People Know Raul come trough I suggest to listen to
I come too listen too
Ya’ll know where a be everyday I chill and see
Where a be I chill and see

1. Verse
I make hits and flip this
Then make tricks like matrix did
Not like movies is true story
God give me glory we shouldn’t be worry
That’s how I know to heaven gotta go
Then I show it with my flow
Then let you know How grow in my show I’m let it blow
With this bomb word is bond
That’s how long been doing this song
Ya’ll should beware cause when I ya’ll stare
I’m not scare
My father never there
That’s how I became a just true player
Hope u don’t dare
Cause I’m just here then I’m there with no fear
You know How we do is all clear

1. Chorus
People Know Raul come trough I suggest to listen to
I come too listen too
Ya’ll know where a be everyday I chill and see
Where a be I chill and see

2. Verse
Ya’ll better feel what’s the deal
Ready to chill then pay them bills
Righteous skill is gonna build
And show my people that my records are real
With these words that I spray I don’t play them silly games
All I’m trying is to get my fame
Never be a lame and not be the same
Life makes me cause is just me the new Mc and that’s how a be
Over the seas and that’s how I see the beautiful things
And that’s how I bring the glorious things
And is strong word’s that I sing with no sins
And you know I be the fresh is one
And is me sun the only one

People know Raul come trough I suggest to listen to
I come too listen too
Ya’ll know where I be everyday I chill and see
Where I be I chill and see
3. Verse
I’m a tell a you to take this home
Cause when I leave you staying alone
I’m long gone your mind to a stone
Then I know who’s been so wrong
I know God is gonna save us
We can’t let Satan get us
And them haters they wont touch us
I’m so serious they wont catch us
I delirious the devil wont stop us
No more lying the truth your’ denying
That’s the cause that people are dying
Believe me I don’t like to see you crying
Is all love that I’m really’ buying
Is my heart from the’ start
I knew and feel we never apart
And that’s how I ended from the start

People Know Raul Come trough I suggest to listen to
I come too listen too
Ya’ll know where I be every day I chill and see
Where I be I chill and see

Repeat Chorus


People Know hit single from the album 4.R.E.A.L.L.Y I put up the song on jango radio like a week ago and I got 2400 plays and 50 fans on a matter of a week. Be waiting for the album coming soon.
Just released My other single Need It U

Set List

People Know (3:43)