Arvada, Colorado, USA

Genre: Alternative / Pop / Rock


Singer/songwriter Raul R Vasquez; has played music his whole life. Born into a family of singers and musicians, he has performed professionally since he was child, often quietly observing the not always pleasant world of show business, he regularly draws from all those experiences for inspiration for his lyrics. Inspired by music legend Elton John, Raul brings his own version of unique music and heartfelt lyrics to his debut album, (Songs Based on a True Story ) ''I put myself into my songs with the hope that people will be able to relate, and make them their own'' says Raul. With the release of Raul's first album: Songs Based on a True Story, this talented new artist hopes to give the world an invitation to take a look inside of his captivating world of witty yet relatable lyrics, fresh sounding melodies, and his refreshing insight on life.


Songs Based On A True Story
Now available on iTunes