Hollywood, California, USA

RAUX is a revolution and stands for Represent Absolute Unlimited Xpression. RAUX is the escape found within yourself. A place of celebration, euphoria, and happiness. This inner Ibiza called RAUX does not doubt...it overcomes.


RAUX (pronounced Rocks) is a Pop Electro duo that originated in Seattle, Washington as part of the new wave of artists coming out of the dance pop music scene in the late 2000s. The duo is composed of lead singer, Jennis Marrical Coats, and producer, Caleb Raux. Together, Jennis and Caleb write and produce all of their own material. Despite the newness of the band, RAUX has already garnered attention and critical acclaim. Grammy nominated producer Greg Wells (Katy Perry, Adele, Pink, One Republic, Mika) called RAUX's sound a "more aggressive Pet Shop Boys 2011". Inspired by musical masterminds Dr. Luke and Max Martin, the duo crafts songs that push boundaries through innuendos, double entendres, metaphors, and sarcasm.

Jennis, lead vocals, hails from Nashville, TN and comes from a line of seasoned songwriters and musicians. Jennis calls his style “folk-rock vocals with a gospel-blues heart”. Heavily influenced by his mother's blues sound (the first Caucasian country-blues female artist signed to MoTown Records) and his father’s hard rock roots (Driver, A&M Records). Jennis has extensive classical training honed while touring as part of an award winning a capella jazz ensemble.

Caleb, production/vocals, hails from Seattle, WA. Growing up in San Francisco he was exposed to the early rave circuit and developed an affinity for electronic music. Classically trained on the violin since a young age he began playing in grunge bands at age 10 rotating between drums, mandolin, bass guitar, and vocals. By age 14 he was producing electro tracks for his own west coast DJ sets and began building what would later become his own full-scale recording studio. During a decade of playing the underground dance circuit he honed his production and performance skills.