Garland, Texas, USA

Ravencroft is a group of older guys who can still rock like they were 20. Their sound is similar to the arena rock legends of the 80's with a fresh twist. Lead singer Dave Roberts, formerly of Slayer and many other 80's hard rock bands, gives the band, which has a blues/rock foundation, an edge.


Ravencroft is a hard rock band with a major blues influence mixed in culminating in a driving, melodic sound rarely heard since the legends of arena rock in the 1980's. Lead singer, Dave Roberts is a seasoned professional singer, having played with Slayer and other hard rock bands over the past few decades. His solid, finely tuned voice and extremely wide range gives the band a fresh, dynamic sound reminiscent of bands like Whitesnake and the Scorpions. He is backed by lead guitarist Bryan Partain whose edgy, solid blues-style riffs are the basis for the bands original music. Also featured is guitarist Michael Eckeberger, Alan Kirk on bass and Mark Hanson on drums. These three form one of the best rhythm sections found in today's music and are the foundation for Ravencroft's fresh new approach to an old proven style of hard rock with a bluesy edge.


Ravencroft 2010 - Debut EP includes 4 original songs: Shadow of the Sun, Fallin', Bad Boy and Test