Sexy 1940's Berlin meets sultry 1990's Triphop Masters. Seductive vocals uncoil and play with your mind while clever fingertips dance across the keys... all songs are fully composed, performed, owned and licensed, making it a straight-forward and simple one-stop shop.


Classically trained since the age of 5, performing since the age of 7 and composing since the age of about 9... the harmonic trip-hop / electo that her music has evolved into began taking shape in the 90's and existed as hand written manuscripts until her hard work in Sydney & London started to pay off and she finally entered the age of technology. Then the fun and magick really began. Upon returning to Adelaide in South Australia, she has established her own studio and registerd the business RAVENK8 MUSIC. Her songs are available for synchronisation in film, tv, visual media and other. Rachel's Bio: Pianist (since 1980), Harpist (since 1982), Composer (since 1984), granted music scholarships to Marryatville, Brighton & Pembroke (1986), Special Music student at Marryatville (1987-91), Elder Conservatorium Symphony Orchestra (1990-94), Vocalist (1990), studied Bachelor of Music (Performance Major) at Elder Conservatorium (1992-94), IBM Scholarship for Excellence and Outstanding Achievement in the Performing Arts (1994), Australian Youth Orchestra (1994), South Australian Youth Orchestra (1998-91), Producer (2005).



Written By: RAVeNK8 - Rachel Miers

I want to know how far you’ll go
To reach your dreams – sometimes it seems
like the path of the warrior must be travelled all alone
But energy propelled attracts the same in return

You stopped me in my tracks and challenged me to feel
The universal force, personified and real.
Touch me very gently and let your spirit soar
Tearing through the atmosphere, begging me for more

I want to know if you might go
Some place with me, my fantasy
Don’t know if you’ll accept this, or if I got it all wrong –
But the feeling deep inside my soul is suddenly too strong

You singed my wings in fright, and broke the spell on me
Now give me back my pride and just forget the whole damn thing
I thought I had it all worked out, I didn’t understand
The world I drew inside my head was nothing like the land

At least I know how far I’d go
To make my dreams reality


The Energy Flows
This is for Real

Set List

Amy, Amy, Amy (COVER-Amy Winehouse)
Fury (RAVeNK8)
The Energy Flows (RAVeNK8)
Higher (RAVeNK8)
You think you know me (RAVeNK8)
Sweet About Me (COVER-Gabriella Cimli)