Southampton, England, GBR


Ravenous was formed in Southampton in early 2008 when (bassist) Leon Maidment Millar joined an old school friend (lead guitar/vocals) Dave Game and band mates (drummer) Rich Giles,(rhythm) Dave Foster in performing covers of the Thrash/Groove metal genre with only one original song named Ravenous!After much indecision it was decided that Ravenous would be the most fitting name for the new direction of the band and the craving need to break the fashionable trends in metal and return to its rawer roots with more lyrical structure and 'lyrical' lyrics.Ravenous perform live in and around the south of england with original sets and are always well recieved.With the exception of the introduction of rhythm player Leon Lummis,Ravenous continues on the same path with more and more original material and an ever increasing appetite for anthemic and meaningful composition.

Set List

The Strawman
Easter Island
Figure of hate.