Raven Sadhaka

Raven Sadhaka


An ASCAP award winner for two years in a row, Raven's eclectic repertoire of original songs reflects her roots and many influences, encompassing folk, rock and blues; her unique, ethereal style is a complement to any live venue.


After a number of years on the New York performing scene, Raven landed in Boston where she continues to hone her unique bluesy, acoustic folk rock style. Her debut full-length CD, “Rites of Passage,” offers up 11 of her original songs, plus a special bonus track of "Working on a Building", the traditional Gospel blues tune she recorded with the lovely harmonies of Maria Dessena -- always a favorite in her live shows.

As a child growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Raven was greatly influenced by the sounds of the late 60’s and early 70’s heard on the AM and FM dials and was constantly singing three-part harmonies in the car with her parents. At the age of 13, she picked out a $70 guitar for her birthday and there was no turning back. She was playing variety shows at 15 and was a rhythm guitarist and singer in a band by the age of 16. Her parent's Southern roots may have something to do with her love of the blues and talent for storytelling. Otherwise, Raven has been directly influenced by an eclectic slate of artists, ranging from the Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, U2, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, and Emmy Lou Harris to Sarah McLachlan, Lucinda Williams, Bonnie Raitt, and Mary Chapin Carpenter.

When not playing solo shows, Raven also heads up the group, “RAVEN AND THE DREAMCATCHERS,” which includes Ethan Hein on lead guitar, mandolin and harmonica, John Hadfield on jembe drum and percussion, and Andy Lowe on bass.


Between Orion & the Bear

Written By: Raven Sadhaka

You always spoke so softly to me
That little boy with so much heart
You told me all your secret dreams
We laughed & whispered in the dark

After dinner when the wars began and
The words flew like arrow through the air inside
I jumped the fence and you took my hand
And we escaped into the night

Into your backyard full of stars
We were safe to dream there
When everything fell down around us
We couldn't hear the screams there

And we could fly away on your magic swings
And play beside the moon
Starlit dreams and soft blue wings
And the Dipper's just a spoon

Something simple & something true
I could always count on you
You said "Look up and I'll always be there
Between Orion & the Bear."

In your backyard full of stars
We took a trip across the sky
We traveled off to foreign lands
And together, we dreamed of a better life

Now the streetlamps glow too bright
And the buildings touch the clouds
It's easy to feel trapped inside
All alone in the crowd

But I walk outside this city
And I see a splendid sight
The moon & stars have followed me again
And they're waiting for me tonight

In my backyard full of stars
I still see you shining there
Up in that place we used to fly
Between Orion & the Bear

Restless Dog

Written By: Raven Sadhaka

Noisy dreams, sleepin' under my window
Laughter calls me out
Into the night
In this city of light

Horns holler
Their voices loud, protesting
And cupid sings on a corner below
He's got nowhere left to go

And the rumble bark
of the restless dog
Keeps me tossin'
Starts howling in my soul
As he wanders the streets of
my broken sleep

Coins jingle in cups
Like falling rain
Wash me down
into the hand of the ticking clock
That echoes in my head

Stop sign breaks screech
And the chaos swallows me
Restless stars
crawl under my milky skin
And hide in the hazy of
this city dream

And the rumble bark
of the restless dog
Keeps me tossin'
Starts howling in my soul
No, he just won't let me go

And the rumble bark
of the restless dog
Keeps me tossin'
Starts howling in my soul
No, he just won't let me go
He just won't let me go...


CD -- "Spirit Moves" (9 songs) to be released 2009
CD -- "Rites of Passage" (12 songs) 2003
Comp. 2004 -- "Chick w/ Guitars" (12 NYC chicks)
Comp. 2004 -- Oasis Acoustic Music Sampler
Demo -- "Raven" (5 songs) 2001
Airplay tracks: Television Dreams, Dying to be Me, Journey (U.S., Australia, Germany, Belgium)
Digital distribution on Apple iTunes, Rhapsody, MusicMatch

Set List

45-50 minute solo set:
Television Dreams 3:00
Journey 3:00
Fabulous Flaws 4:00
Dying to be Me 5:00
Ode to Billy Joe 4:40 (cover)
Can't Resist It 3:30
Restless Dog 3:10
Necessary Detours 4:00
Black & Blue 4:00
Summertime 4:30 (cover)
Between Orion & the Bear 4:00
Dig Deeper 3:00