Ravens Place

Ravens Place


Can rock music be both gritty and melodic? Ravens Place proves it can.


Ravens Place brings together the talents of five Charlottesville, Virginia, musicians: lead singer Will Nealy, guitarists Chris Gallagher and Jeremy Long, bassist Jeff White, and drummer Will Muncaster. The group mixes together grinding guitar riffs with melodic vocals to create their own brand of rock, which draws influence from both classic rock and modern rock groups.
Will Nealy and Jeff White began playing together in late 2003. They then joined up with Will Muncaster to create the group Straight Shot; Jeremy Long joined soon after. In November 2004, Chris Gallagher approached the members about playing together when he got a spot at a battle of the bands at Nation in Washington D.C. and needed a band to play with him. After experimenting with different names, ÒRavens PlaceÓ was born.
Ravens Place spent the spring of 2005 playing battle of the bands around the state. They won the Richmond Ice Zone Battle of the Bands and their own high school battle when they were just juniors. The band has fought hard to get beyond the label of a Òhigh school band.Ó They have been able to gain the respect of local musicians and club owners and, by the end of their first year together, were headlining shows in the area.
In the spring of 2006, just days after graduation, Ravens Place released its first full-length, self-produced cd entitled ÒB.B.T.Ó The bandÕs first single, ÒLow,Ó was Track of the Day on Garageband.com.
In the past two years, the band has played the Outback Lodge, Starr Hill Music Hall, Gravity Lounge, and the Satellite Ballroom in Charlottesville, the Canal Club in Richmond, Jaxx Night Club in Springfield, the Main Street Bar and Grill in Harrisonburg, the Trocadero Theater, and North Star Bar in Philadelphia.
The band has been praised for its powerful live performances, onstage-chemistry, and energetic crowds. You can find them online at www.myspace.com/ravensplace and www.purevolume.com/ravensplace.


Single: "Low" played on Charlottesville and Richmond stations

Set List

Another Day
Lover Down
Close the Door
Not Too Late
Let Go
Only for Your Pill
Right the Wrong
On Top

"Come Together" Beatles
"Bad Touch" The Bloodhound Gang
"Do Right" Jimmie's Chicken Shack
"All My Life" Foo Fighters