Fort Bragg, California, USA

RAVENSTAR is a new band from the Mendocino Coast that infuses psychedelic rock with indian ragas and flamenco jams all pumped out by three powweful women who love to see you dance!!!!!!


RAVENSTAR is a new band from the Mendocino Coast area. Members include Tricia Godwin singing and playing many guitars and new-comers Roz Reisig on Bass/Vocals and Jenna McCorkle pounding out the rhythms. Born in Arcata, raised in Benicia, and now residing on the Mendocino Coast; Tricia Godwin has spent most of her life in the 707 area. Tricia toured in 2006 with the Druid Sister’s Tea Party and is heavily featured all over the Druid’s CD “Gypsy Love Caravan. “ Her full bio can be read at: www.myspace.com/triciagodwin

Tricia played the 2006 Irish Gold Benefit and Brew , 2006 Summer Arts and Music Festival, and a gaggle of gigs with Druid Sisters Tea Party between 2004 & 2007. Her shimmering harmonics and tones take you to a psychedelic, otherworldly place.

Ravenstar made their debut at the 2007 Northern California Women’s Music Festival to an excited crowd that couldn’t stop dancing.


Ravenstar EP due Summer 2008