Ravens Trauma

Ravens Trauma


We are a mix of industrial, rock, metal and goth, not to heavy but heavy enough. Songs have a equal amount of melody and metal diversity, along with a high energy live show not to be missed.


We are an eclectic mix of several musical backgrounds, influences range from: Korn, Alice in Chains, Nine inch nails, KMFDM, Deftones, Tool and Black Sabbath. Chris Eller and Shawn had been playing music together for about a year auditioning other musicians for a band. After many, many auditions we found Chris Whited. After a few more auditions we found Ben and Pogo and we knew we had the right combination for a unique band. We started writing songs and have been going strong in the local music scene gaining a loyal fan base.


We are currently working on an upcoming demo, we have released one song on our myspace site, it is called seven.

Set List

We have 20 songs for our set list, they are all originals. Our set is around one hour. It is hard to list our set cause we try to mix it up for every show. At the current time we dont do covers.