rock / pop / emo / punk


we are playing together since 1998. We put out few records and a full lenght and we are working on the second one. We booked the studio for the end of june and plan to put out the cd in november.
We played in festivals "les vieilles charrues" (franz ferdinand / iggy and the stoogies / explosion / the kills ...)
"chauffer dans la noirceur", "briouse fest", "emozic fest", "eclectik fest"...


non-committal answers

Written By: RAVI

If you lost it all
If your ghost worship
The ground she threads on
Will you go there again?

If you killed it all
If your brain states its preference off
Will you think of me again?

Don’t tell me how
Don’t let me know

If you pictured it all
If your will is not about what you’ve thought off
Will you plan things again?

If you idealized it all
If you’re disappointed by something not happened
Will you exchange me again?

I’m not a spy,
I’m just infatuated again.
I’m not spiteful,
You are just fluctuated again.

fuck friend

Written By: RAVI

Don’t wanna be your just fuck friend
I want to be everything but your fuck friend

I dream we should be lovers
But you don’t care

“I’d love to elope with you
Passionately found of to be
So near at your hands
Taste another ease”, I said.
We don’t want it
Don’t expect it
We don’t like it
To be your fuck friend.

Everything but your fuck friend.

Hail fellow well met

Written By: RAVI

For what they get
To what they set apart
From where they come
What they've forewent
This shabby life,
It's what you make of it

For what they've glimpse
To how they set eyes on
Being screened from
Craniums shake down
Do them proud.
Is that what they settle for?

This place is what you make of it above all.
And that's gonna mould
Now on you've had it.

For what they hope
To how they deal with it
In all sloth
In all drivel
This shabby life,
It's what you make of it

Forsake the deceiver
Bring back your old thoughts

Forward guts reaction,
Take back fulfilments

Hail fellow well met
Is that your choice?


LP digipack "designing new circles - 2004
split w/ lost cowboy heroes, 8tracks on overcome records - 2005
split 7' w/ gas drummers / aside / atomic garden - 2005
EP "we also are what we have ruined" 2001
EP "20 something" 2000
EP "just another situation" 1999
debut ep cassette "idleness" 1998

Set List

non-committal answer
fuck friend
fire up the place
closer together
morning pm
no miles dreamer
to lie with it
courtesy off
fast cars (buzzcocks cover)
artificial lights
tommyguns for tommyrots
crocodile dandy
up and around
point of no return
no miles driver