Rav Money

Rav Money

 Lumberton, North Carolina, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Rav Money, the DUKE of NC....The Hottest thing under 21....."Itz Money"


An individual with a style, swagger, and that certain nostalgia that crosses generation, you are talking about no other then Travis “Rav Money” Reed aka “Rav” or the D.U.K.E. of NC – the secret verse of the Bible belt!
Rav Money was blessed with the name based on his ability to produce lucrative verses that make people feel like they are in the presents of royalty. Perfect identity branding - because he has something to say, because he is destined to become a leader in the entertainment world. His aurora exudes the confidence to inspire a generation and command the respect of his forefathers. As the hype and excitement builds around him, his dynamic blend of verbal intercourse and creative content has become so infectious that people have been enlisting in his ghost writing ability since the age of 14. He has all the elements of a future star, charisma, calm demeanor and personality that draw you to him.
The resonance felt from his many freestyle and head bopping to bass lines, with catchy harmonies, and perfected lyrical songs. Funny thing… Rav is not just about rapping it is about making music. His influences have R&B, Soul, and Spiritual backgrounds. In fact, this young brother can harmonize! He originally started out in a singing group, but with his gritty and rugged edge, rap and the inclusive Hip Hop culture fit that peg in the right hole – with an indelible spot in this scene. When asked to name people that would be partial to collaborating with, Mariah Carey, Jadakiss, Trey Songs, Ciara, Keri Hilson, The LOX, Jahiem, Ashanti, and LL Cool J were all mentioned. With his desire to make classical and timeless songs, I’m sure his sound combined with an old soul will hit a nerve that makes all Hip Hops fans bop their heads and sway their shoulders to the his brand of music.
New artists generally go with the same program. They try to use someone else’s cookie cutter formula. What separates Rav from other development artists is that his appreciation of musical talent and a keen eye and vision for an overall sound. He is not only looking forward to conquering New York’s East Coast Stamp, Southern Bounce, Midwest Swing, California’s West Coast Vibe, but also he has a strong drive for other parts of the world. The way they describe foreign markets is “mad love”, but after diving deeper – it’s where love transcends cultural lines. That limitless outlook speaks volumes.


She Got Me Gone

Written By: Rav Money

She got me gone,gone, gone...

Life I Live

Written By: Rav Money

I ain't tryin to beef with nobody, this is just the life I live...


Makin It Happen- The Bottom Line Sports & Entertainment Group, August, 2010, DJ Tremayne's Mixtape July, 2010

Got Me Gone,2009
Life I Live, 2010
Down South, 2009