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Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Brooklyn, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop




""The incredibly talented, up and coming, Rav. P""

The incredibly talented, up and coming, Rav. P is back today with something brand new for our ears to devour. The track is called “City Of Angels” and finds Rav linking up with Skyzoo for something rather incredible.

“City of Angels” is driven by some ethnic sounding drums that gets backed up by an interesting array of melodic sounds that makes an interesting home for the fellas to do their thing. Neither MC disappoints while they spit their respective styles nicely. This shit is infectious as shit, check it out after the jump. - Stupid Dope

""Rav lyrics paint the picture of living lavishly and being more than an SAT score.""

Rav.P hits us with his latest release entilted “Passport Photo,” featuring Secret Society’s Photo.

The Trac-Qaeda-produced cut resembles that ‘back in the day’ instrumental as Rav lyrics paint the picture of living lavishly and being more than an SAT score. - The Source

""Though the message is motivational, Rav.P’s beat is laid-back and jazzy. Don’t worry, though; it is still effective.""

After a few days of pie, naps and relaxation, getting back on the grind can be hard for anyone. To help you keep moving when you’re in a rough spot (or just aren’t feeling motivated), Swerve and Rav.P have created new promo single ‘Til We Get Right. Though the message is motivational, Rav.P’s beat is laid-back and jazzy. Don’t worry, though; it is still effective. Atop the beat, Swerve and Rav, each spit about their troubles in sharp, yet heartfelt flows. There has been no word provided on a larger project from the duo, but those who like what they’re hearing can check out their last DJBooth feature, 2012’s reader-approved Have(nots). - DJ Booth


Still working on that hot first release.



#passportStamps EP produced by Sal Dali sponsored by 2Dopeboyz, Spate Media & Get Right Music


Latest video received over 30,000 views in less than a month w Rav spoofing Black Dynamite into his own twist on the song entitled "Perverted Since 83" http://youtu.be/UAG5Osd_sos?hd=1

" Time to get a meta on dat azz: a music video spoof of (the criminally underappreciated) Black Dynamite, which is itself a spoof of 1970s Blaxploitation films. A pretty entertaining video that arguably overshadows an equally entertaining song by New Jersey emcee Rav.P now comin through ya internet. This is some naughty, nasty, comedic silliness. We approve." - EGO TRIP LAND

" Heres the full extend of my knowledge when it comes to Rav. P. His name is Rav. P, and he just made one of the best video Ive seen all year. What else is there to know? " - Refined Hype

" Every once in a while a video comes along; an epic video that you simply have to post.Perverted Since 83? is that video. And though the song is hilarious, it doesnt really even matter how you feel about the music or Rav. P, because the video is enough. And you know if you do not post this, your blog will be one of the damned few with a gaping black hole in its soul, forever regretting the decision.
Directed by Nimi Hendrix, this soon to be video of the year is an interesting take onBlack Dynamite. I cant quite decide if its better than the original, or much much worse, which would also make it better.
Some of you may also feel the first minute and a half of the video perfectly captures your own lives in a way you never though possible the sure mark of true art. " - Dork Mustache

Bouncing around many citys of Essex county NJ hip hop artist Rav.P has been on both sides of the fence. He seen his fair share of the street life living in the Oranges, but received a Montclair High education. He later graduated from college in Hampton, VA. Starting off on the production side he has produced for many local artist around NY,NJ,VA, MD and Canada under the name by Raviness Productions. Although Rav had a love for music since a young child, he discovered that his therapy was to write. Pursuing a producer/rap career since 2004 Rav has endured a good deal of the up and downs of the industry. With a new age of Hip Hop in 2011 the game is about selling your story. Where at one point you had to be a drug cartel, thug or an extreme exaggeration of what the truth is, in 2011 you can be yourself and create a buzz. "People just want to hear good music..." Rav stated in an interview with radio host Star & Bucwild. "The major labels are crumbling because we allowed the image to overpower where it all started, DOPE BEATS and DOPE RHYMES..." The party record is great for the clubs but time and time again the numbers for album sales prove that people want to hear a variety, with the common denomator as GOOD MUSIC! Growing up in a Jamaican household his background ranges from Reggae, Hip Hop, R&B, Classical, Jazz and soul. Rav has been in beat battles where he met the likes of legendary producer EZ Mo Bee telling him that "he is dope and to continue to keep the tradition." Rav has worked with and/or gotten love from folks like Just Blaze, Lenny S, Dre McKenzie, Liveson (JadaKiss Engineer), Ransom, ALbe Back (actor/rapper) Mickey Benson (one time Fat Joe manager), Wyclef, and Sky High Music (produced for NBA 2k, A-Team and Stack Bundles).

Raviness (ravenous) means starving of hunger and this is the mentality that he has to want more, to strive to another level. Rav goes by many aliases as well one being Passport Rav, with the passport representing the key piece to traveling beyond your means. This is the mindset he had to have after experiencing the corporate America route and being disapointedly laid off. This was a pivotal moment in his life as he felt it was his time to follow his true dreams. That is to contribute exceptional music with a message into the hip hop culture. His latest project the Unemployment Check series has been featured on many hip hop websites and blogs all over the net. He titled his series Unemployment Check to prove that you can take a negative situation and make it positive with will power and dedication. He displays his life in a visual story telling fashion on songs like "Enough" featuring Natalie Imani (on a Worldwide tour with Shaggy and Nicki Minaj) which is a cover of internet sensation "Alife Tree - Enough". With such a wide range of musical taste Rav wants to please the ear

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