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Something for your heart mind and soul.It's about life and nature and the voice of the people is always represented.I have a message to give that will be rememberd and last for ever. With Love and Music I will Conquer the mind of the people.RASTAFARI


"RAW is a great business man. It was a great pleasure working with him. He got his head screwed on tight and if he stays focused he's gonna be a star in the near future".

Young Noble - Outlawz

Marco (RAW), born in Norway, but from the Cape Verde Islands located in West Africa, is a Man of GOD. His contributions were .... out of a childhood marked by harassment and discrimination. As a child his identity as a born fighter, was indeliably imprinted upon his character. As the young Marco Mota Da Veiga matured he would tirelessly fight for the rights of his friends and family against the forces of hate and intolerance. Like the young Lion RAW would evolve into the leader, warrior and revolutionary he was born to be. In his youth Marco marched through mental hell, but as he would remark later " Thanks to GOD, who carried me through with HIS ARM - I prevailed".

Marco a.k.a. RAW is a Man of Love with the high morality, ethical certainty and universal life values that mark his revolutionary mind and the very Spiritual aspects of his life and nature - Indeed this makes him a very special person in a time of moral change and cultural upheaval. In a time of misunderstood and frequently failed attempts to justify a multi-cultural society, tilted unfairly against the poor and disenfranchised of said society, RAW shows himself to be a very serious man as he takes the sorrow and pain of the oppressed and transforms them through prism of his creative mind, into a war cry for equal rights, justice and freedom for all.

RAW is indeed a Man of GOD

Thru his personal muses of Father Bernardino Da Veiga, Bob Marley and the immortal Jesus Christ, not to mention 2Pac among others... RAW began his movement by founding his own organization "Youth United" after a brief apprenticeship in African Youth In Norway. Mr. Marco Mota Da Veiga has been quoted as sayin in reference to "Youth United" Youth United is the future". RAW is still a man and lives in the world of men and unfortunately even for the gifted , things end. After a valiant effort, the survival of Youth United could not be included in the coming matureation of Mr. Marco Mota Da Veiga and sadly was laid to rest with the sorrow and anguish. Fortunatly the demise of Youth United was the resurrection of RAW's true calling - his musical vision.
At the age 15 RAW began to communicate his message through the medium of rap and freestyle lyricism. RAW, in the rougher sections of the city of Oslo, honed and perfected his kraft. By the age of 17, RAWs blessing and multitude of talent where to large developed to ignore. His observations of world stresses and problems reflected in and on the streets of Oslo Norway, combined with his other world wide travels, at this impressionable age fostered his commitment and love of the "mission" as he himself terms it.

His "mission" began as a member of the group " Black Fist" 1999-2000. Unfortunately they were not the correct vehicle for his message, so in 2001-2002 he formed his own group, "Abidas Tribe" but again the correct medium of expression was lacking and it was time again to search for the correct path.

RAW continued from these unsuccessful attempts to communicate his fight for righteousness and good, into a "Lone Rider".

Alone with his message, RAW had only his natural family to draw substance from and in the great loneliness and isolation that prophets are born of, RAW has kept the faith hope and love that fuels his creativity. His GOD given talent, his one true source of substance, has never failed.

All the intense spiritual trials that have appeared have also been vanquished so that his goal, dreams and destination may be achieved in our lifetime.

Finally in 2002, recognition - The MC's fight night freestyle battling and press recognition, more development and in September 2005 RAW released his first single and music video, entitled - GOD. In 2008 the music video O.D. 98 a collaboration with the maroccan "IDOL" winner Mona Roukachi. This very successful video was showcased on MTV, The Voice TV and other video outlets in addition as part of a CD compilation released in New York City, New York USA - "Let Me Be Heard".



Written By: Marco Da Veiga - RAW


Intro: Dear Heavenly FATHER in your honour and your Glory, I wanna change and rearrange, in you SON’s name, I believe we can end babylon’s game, and achieve an equal fame

Vers 1:

All Mighty GOD the power is yours and I’m yours, please give me the force to give the people a new course as we enter your doors and walk on your floors, cause we got the rich and the bitch and the snitch, they stepping on the poor making war, LORD I don’t want it anymore, Dear Heavenly FATHER I wanna end this bother, once again I ask what is my task and do I need the mask cuz I’m ready to blast for what the wicked did in the past, gotta slow it down, everybody moving to dam fast, but, you going down, Babylon is going down, Abidas and RAW taking over O-town, cause it’s for sure that my Heart is Pure and my Mind and Soul, I said is ready for war, Yes I’m coming hardcore in His Imperial Majesty’s name, Haile Selassie I, we end the devils game.


Good GOD, in your Honour and your Glory, I wanna go out there and tell the real story, I’m coming in the LORD’s name to end the devil’s game, JAH is flowing through my vain my Brothers and Sisters I said I feel your pain, roll with the Holy Spirit and just have Faith you’ll maintain, Warriors can you hear it, this is JAH’s frame, release your pain

Vers 2:

There won’t be no disaster thanks to the one and only Master, who sent His SON to save the Human One, race, 99 the situation was disgrace, so I hit you in the face and put it back in place, cause 2G is only getting worse we gotta end this curse, so let me hit you with a Spiritually verse and chase you out, it ain’t no doubt you got a to a big mouth, Check it, I’m the NOX watching out for the Fox, putting playa haters in the box, Yes, RAW prepared for war, cause GOD you are GOOD, I’m a Thug King who understood that I would, and that I should, and that I could change, since I’m from the cold hood people find it strange, that I’m down to rearrange and change the system, warriors we all living like a victim


Vers 3:

Good GOD give me vision so I can know what to do, direction, so I can follow you, Purpose cause I wanna stay true and live for you Holy Spirit please tell me what to do, cause I can’t wait I need you now, got the Faith, LORD I will bow, right now, thanks LORD Amen, let it happen as I’m rappin and pappin and slappin the truth to the youth. Hey man I said Amen


As we walk towards a universal world change, Righteousness must cover this earth, like the water cover the land and sea, we need a change, we need One Love.

Lyric by: RAW

Living in Darkness

Written By: Marco Da Veiga - RAW

Livin in Darkness

I ain’t taking no more of this shit,
on a search,
find someone who’s legit,
clinch my thirst
Down whit bombing first, put your nine up and spit, cause it’s all bullshit. Yes I said
Now we all gon die, so we multiply, we gotta choose a side, we gon fight for those who died
Manipulation gon meet a confrontation, Africans we share the same destination.
Now beat em down whit positive vibrations, no hesitation, cuz it’s justice,
all you gotta do is trust this, and be ready to bust it, C I’m true, doing this shit for you, tell me what the fuck you gon do, I don’t give a dam about your crew, I’ll be representing he and she who know’s what to do, Bill Clinton that ain’t you
GOD I’m true, please tell me what to do, I’m only 18 and keen, I’m living in a dream,
So confused and disillusioned, cause fantasy man, he has a plan
Yeh, I’m screaing for no mo scams, ask me if I understood, cause there I stood, Yes I knew that I would, but now if I could, but I know that I should, cause from Babylon we fled, and for our lifes we must beg, realise soon we all dead.

I’m lying in my bed, thinking about why I’m not dead,
Yes now I know that the LORD Love this Dread, fuck the law, this brotha RAW, break your evil ass jaw, I said I’m pure hardcore,
Yes I’m down for war, now open your eyes, get a surprise,
Yeh, this brotha gon rise, punk ass recognize,
Living in darkness, somebody explain and tell me
this world is so heartless
I’m going insane, cuz of the pain, yeh you fucked up my brain
Babylon is the insanity, and it’s the devil who be, now after me, M.O.G. talking reality
Cuz the Angel of death ain’t gonna take my breath, I said the Angel of Speech is coming to preach, I promise he will reach our Soul, and that’s why the devil is out of control, this bomboclat wish to roll, hell no, independence gon come, Warrior where’s your gun,
ain’t gonna be fun, but don’t be dum, when the LORD calls you gotta come, cause if you run, I said the devil will come after you, I’m the African SoulJAH my Dad never could or got to be, cause time betraided He, and now you have me, and understand that it’s hard to be happy, but I am, A Proud Black Strong African Man, for sure I’m taking that stand, Yeh you see Rasta,
We gon lyrically blast ya

Lyrics By: Marco Da Veiga - RAW

We go to Court

Written By: Marco Da Veiga - RAW

We Go To Court

Now tell me what you claim,
Tell me what you aim,
Yes you know my name,
Eternal in this game.

Now, through the rain and the pain and the shame
We maintain
I said RAW is my name

Now tell me what you want
Tell me why you frunt
You acting like a punk
And you ain’t got no funk

So Lyrically yes I plaff ya, situation getting tuffer
my people yeh they suffer, we getting ruffer

I said you fake MC,
Mr vanity,
my #1 emnemie,
ain’t got no strategy

Huh, the rich mans heaven, the poor mans hell
You better check were you dwell
Cause this system is hell
We breaking out of this spell,

The youth’s hustling sellin dope,
And they don’t care, they living whit no hope
I said the people decived by the roman pope
Deadly like the crack and the fucking coke

I ain’t gotta dress,
To impress
Cause I’m blessed,
RAW you don’t wanna test

I got nothing to prove, cause whit JAH I always move
This Rasta groove, got the positive mood
Yeh, we gonna make you choose what you want in life
From the ghetto to the hood yeh we give advice
By the Grace of JAH
Yes I said,
A Black woman gonna be my wife

Now Now

What you know about life and nature
You acting like you hate her
While she try to shape ya
Don’t even wanna help her
I see a question mark over you face
And it’s written of the years of disgrace
Now when we gonna make, this world a better place
LORD I want some justice
For the human race
So I say
We go to court whit this case

Lyrics by: Marco Mota Da Veiga


Written By: Marco Da Veiga - RAW

Tell me who’s fighting for the people it’s RAW
Represent your cause in this s struggle it’s RAW
A Revolutionary MC it’s RAW

Tell me who’s tuff, ruff, rugged and RAW
Standing in the frontline whit you it’s RAW
Deep in this game for a purpose it’s RAW

Here to make a change in this world it’s RAW
Sent on a call and to ball it’s RAW
Make the devil fall standing tall it’s RAW

Got my Fist Up when I Ride it’s RAW
Never giving up on my Mission it’s RAW
Wake the people up from their sleep it’s RAW

Shining like the Sun and the Moon it’s RAW
Stronger then a 100 Lions it’s RAW
Got from my people world wide it’s RAW

Strike like Lightning and Thunder it’s RAW
Now, do you want some more cause I aim at the cop, the governments, Yes I fuck em all up,
My lyrics hot hot, I shock schock, they drop drop, like a slug from a glock glock, I pop pop, Yeh, I said it’s time to Unite, for every Man to stand up and to Fight, cause look what they gave me, 500 years of torture and slavery, still they wanna cave me.
I said I’m gonna be free, like I wanna, and free the people to, yes you and your crew
So fuck what they wanna do, gonna do what I wanna do, I put it down on paper, I’m a Creator

Now, we gonna Unite, Strike back, Fight back and by any means necessary forward we attack

Here to take the pain from the people it’s RAW
Ready for the armagedion it’s RAW
Organize the masses for the battle it’s RAW
Representing RBG it’s RAW
Mobilize the SoulJAH’s and the Army it’s RAW
Gonna Fight the Final War it’s RAW
Here to Conquer wicked Babylon it’s RAW
The Man whit the LionClaw, what’s my GOD given name it’s RAW

Lyrics by: Marco Mota Da Veiga


Debut singel "GOD" - 2005

The track "O.D.98" part of a compilation cd called "Let me be heard", released in New York, New York, 2008.

Mixtape "The Message" Vol.1 - 2010
Album "Born 2 Inspire" - 2010

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I can do everything from 20 minutes to 1 hour show