Raw Beauty A.K.A. R&B

Raw Beauty A.K.A. R&B


Raw Beauty's music is so soulful and full of FLAVA! The beats are funky & get your limbs movin' & heart pumpin @ the first chord. Their songs are reminiscent of the old school jams like, Cutie Pie, and Got to be real. The kind of music that makes you say "AWW YEA, that's the shot".


R&B is a genre of music that encompasses the soulful Rhythm of the 1980’s to the present and the electric blues sound reminiscent of Billie Holiday and Bill Withers. Now in 2005, R&B is “Raw Beauty”, a male and female duo forged in the essence of this soulful era. “Raw Beauty” is made up of male vocalist, Richard White and female vocalist Jessica Q. Ross. These two talented, energetic, people-oriented artists have come together to make a historic impression on the music industry.

One part of “R&B”, Jessica Q. Ross, began her passion for singing at the tender age of seven. She was greatly influenced by the gospel voices of The Clark Sisters, Denise Williams, Phillip Bailey, The Winans and many other greats since she was in the womb of her mother. Growing up in the church, she began by singing around the house and in her youth choir. Jessica started to pursue her singing career seriously at the age of thirteen, at that time she was approached by her music teacher and began to do in-studio recordings for a demo package. This went a little sour due to miscommunication and overall life (her father passed away that year and many other tragedies occurred). Ross continued to sing in junior high and high school, starring in talent shows, festivals, youth summits, church, etc. Her love for singing never died, but her passion for pursuing a career dwindled for a short period of time. At the age of eighteen years old, the candle rekindled its flame when she met her partner and friend Rich (the other half).

This half of “R&B” is Richard White. Richard fell in love with music at the age of five when he heard Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love of All”, from that point on he was hooked into music. The first performance Richard sung was “We are the World.” After this performance, Rich began to define himself by performing in musicals and theater. At the age of fifteen, Richard White signed a deal with GS Records as “Demont White” where he released a single “When We Get Together.” The single had national and local coverage. At the age of twenty-one, White began to sing background for platinum selling artist, Musiq Soulchild. This is where he sharpened his craft and gained an understanding of the ethics and spirit of music. He credits the knowledge of his craft to Musiq and the soulful female due Aaries.

Officially in 2001, “R&B” met and came together when White was twenty-one and Ross was eighteen. Beautiful music and overall chemistry had been apparent from the duo since the beginning. This magical moment was the birth of “Raw Beauty”, the music industries newest sensation.

Raw Beauty wants to bring the true essence of R&B music back in its present form, “focusing our skills on nothing but the greats.” “R&B” was formed to depict the “Raw Beauty “ in people, styles (differences) and of course music. “We feel that our generation has been robbed or maybe even numb to good music like this. We not only want to bring them into this world, but also make the “young” old-heads feel like they haven’t lost what so many built love upon.”


Like U Do
More Than I Can Give
Pressure You
Notice Me
I Can't Wait
Move On
Lettin' U Be You
I Sit Alone

Set List

All songs are original. Raw Beauty can do anywhere from 5 minute to 2 hour sets. If covers are desired, Raw Beauty can do classics in the R&B and pop genres ranging from the sixties to the present.