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r.a.w.child is a rapper singing about his life experiences. He the real deal. He raps about his life experiences and does not try sell himself as the stereotyped, hard knocks hip-hop artist. He is very passionate about his music which is reflected in the songs he writes.


He hails from a small town -- far away from the established hip-hop culture and stereotyped artists. Yet r.a.w.child is becoming recognized as a talented and respected hip-hop artist. You don’t have to have a troubled upbringing, or come from the ghetto, to be able to produce and unleash rhymes about life experiences that everyone can relate to – death, anger, love. His passion for hip-hop music is reflected not only in his music but in his performances with such dramatic flair.

As a matter of fact, r.a.w.child’s upbringing is not newsworthy in itself. He was raised in a middle class home in a good environment. He had the usual traumas experienced by adolescents but nothing overly significant. What is newsworthy, though, is how this average, small town boy, got hooked on hip-hop music and developed into a reputable rapper.

R.a.w.child’s interest in hip-hop music originates back to when he was 11 years old. “My older cousin gave me an old NWA tape, NWA and the Posse actually, and once I listened to it, I was hooked. I was intrigued by the whole gangster lifestyle and the situations they rapped about. I had never heard this provocative kind of music before. The beats and the ruthless lyrics just blew me away”

He started listening to numerous artists such as Westside Connection, Eazy-E, and Dr. Dre, but his biggest influence was Tupac. “Even though Tupac rapped about his gangster lifestyle, I found I could relate to many of his messages. He was so diverse in the feelings could instill in his music - from motivational, sentimental to angriness. I can remember sitting in detention so many times during school for rapping Tupac word for word in class --- the kids loved it --- not my teachers though.”

R.a.w.child did not discover his niche for writing and performing hip-hop music until his late teens. But he did realize that music and his other passion, acting, would become major focal points in his life.

At the age of 12 he was linked up with an acting agent in Montreal and landed a few small parts in film and television. Throughout the next 6 years, r.a.w.child also performed in numerous theatrical performances enjoying acting in roles as the “bad ass” character, or as the comic relief which demonstrated his humorous side.

R.a.w.child balanced his acting pursuits with his music endeavours. At the age of 15, he joined a rock band as the drummer and sometimes took centre stage to spit a few tracks over drums and bass. His group, called Zero Hour, stayed together for two years, performing at local clubs, school dances and private parties.

He got his first big break in 2002 at the age of 17. He met up with 3 guys from the Pickering /Toronto area with a similar musical passion and they formed an R&B group called Drop 4. He became one of the lead vocalists, mainly writing and rapping for selected verses of their songs. They became an instant hit with the ladies.

It seemed that Drop 4 was on their way to stardom. They released two singles with accompanying videos and produced numerous other tracks. Their songs were played on radio stations across Canada and their videos were aired on YTV, where they remained in the top 10 for weeks. Drop 4 performed at various venues, in Ontario, at nightclubs, colleges, fundraising events, and cruise ships. The group was signed to EMI Sextant in 2003 and they toured eastern Canada with Shawn Desman. However, in 2004, the group disbanded due to internal conflicts.

But r.a.w.child already knew that he had a knack for writing and performing hip-hop music and the break up simply opened another door for him to continue his musical interests as an independent hip-hop artist. R.a.w.child -- (r.a.w. --- ready, able and willing) has recently released his first album - r.a.w.child CHAPTER ONE.

While balancing his acting and music career, r.a.w.child strives to make his mark in the entertainment industry. He has been referred to as the "Brad Pitt" of hip-hop with his dashing looks, devilish charm and lots of attitude. Although flattered by the reference, he would rather be known for his hard hitting tracks and fast flowing rhymes. His rapping sound remains very distinctive, yet you can catch influences of Tupac, Eminen and Dr. Dre. He performs with such dramatic passion and energy.

When opportunity knocks r.a.w.child will be there to answer.



Written By: Will Wright

Speed Bag

Verse 1:

Back when I started writing my rhymes I felt the need to stay real
Nobody wants to hear a wangsta talk bout shells he’s peeled
But I just can’t help the way, I feel like I can relate
To the anger and the temperament that Shady portrays
It’s like the rush I get when someone fucks with my shit
That rush of confidence when I’m at the end of my wits
And had all I can stand, some mouthy fagot’s tryin to pretend
That he’s a walking psychopath when he’s with all of his friends
The time for talking is lost, there goes all my rationality
The whiskey shots brought out all my stored fatality
If it’s beef they want then I’ll bring a herd of cattle
And I ain’t packin no guns, it’ll be a fist fought battle
Cuz where I’m from, if you packin a weapon then you’s a coward
This is mono e mono, we’ll see who gon get showered
With these rights and lefts, if you don’t fight you best
Be on your way and better watch what you say under your breath, bitch


You don’t know who I be, took the chance that I’d flee
Should think before you brag, I’ll use your face as my speed bag
You want beef, I will please, make you fall to your knees
There goes your last leg, now I’ll use your face as my speed bag

Verse 2:

I’m sick of playin, no more delayin, better watch what the fuck you sayin
You keep on sprayin then down on the ground is where you be layin
You run your lips, talking shit, you proceed to fuck with me
So no more spittin or bull shittin, you need to duck quickly
Cuz if you don’t then you’ll be spoon fed and speed bagged
And when you’re found you’ll be presumed dead and T-tagged
Instead of heat I’m steady packin a fist and
You’ll be dropping like quicksand, better make a decision
Cuz I’ll hold you to it, you better snap and just lose it
But I know you won’t do it, you’ll bitch out and say screw it
I fuckin knew it, these fools’ll chew but they won’t go through with it
But when I make a promise, bes believe I’ll pursue the shit
Till you submit, you’ll never see me ever just quit, you will forfeit
Cuz I’ll make sure that you feel every fist and every kick
I’ll make you wish you could take back and erase
The day the small town kid put you back in your place and left your face a disgrace

You don’t know who I be, took the chance that I’d flee
Should think before you brag, I’ll use your face as my speed bag
You want beef, I will please, make you fall to your knees
There goes your last leg, now I’ll use your face as my speed bag

Verse 3:

I try to be civil, I just don’t understand it
There’s always some Heman out wanting to start shit
He just runs his mouth and screams and shouts
Some shit about how he’s nuts and his friends’ll vouch
I look around and I plan, wait for my cue like a bandit
Until the crowd starts to vanish
Now it’s his last chance, he can talk it over
Tell me of his plans if he hada been sober
Instead he chooses to play like he is just so tough
Put on the charade like he is a soldier
So I snap, I tried to reason but he just kept on beefin at me
I tried to chill but instead unleashed a demon
And now there ain’t no use tryin to speak, I won’t comprehend
I’ll peak until this dumb fuckin geek is barely breathing
And I don’t even think that I’m nuts, that’s kinda bold
But you must feel like a bitch when you’re rushed and you’re knocked out cold

Chorus x2:

You don’t know who I be, took the chance that I’d flee
Should think before you brag, I’ll use your face as my speed bag
You want beef, I will please, make you fall to your knees
There goes your last leg, now I’ll use your face as my speed bag


r.a.w.child recently released his debut album in the fall of 2006.

Original songs include:
"Don't Hate Me" - a cocky club track with a steady beat. Promises to get you on the dancefloor.

"Skillz" - a laid back track with a thick beat about trying to make a name for yourself in the music business -- have the right skills but not the right background

"Tears" - slows it down to reality - a musical portrait of a tragic accident that killed a friend

"Karma" - an intense up beat song about being naive and being taken advantage of by unscrupulous people in the music industry and about rising above it

"Why U Wanna Go and Do That" - a definite club anthem a with catchy hook about a girl heading down the wrong path in life

"Speed Bag" - an agressive track with several build ups about what it's like to be pushed to the point where you lose you mind and fight

"Cursed From The Beginning" - a track with an ol'skool vibe about a kid that grew up and never stood a chance in life

"Played" - a smooth track with a very catchy hook about a night in the life of a playa

Set List

A typical set list for r.a.w.child would usually consist of about 8 original tracks and then 1 or 2 cover songs from favourite rap artists. The set would usually last 45 minutes to an hour. However, the set list is flexible in combinations of original and cover songs as well as length of performances.