We mix genres, writing rock based songs with country, bluegrass, and punk slants. We play to the crowd, and enjoy playing both acoustic and electric shows. We play music people can dance to, stand to and sit to. We're high energy and have a great time performing for any size crowd.


Chavo and Bud Budlong played together with The Flyppin’ Byrdies from 1995 to 1996. The band changed several times under many names with Chavo (guitar) and Bud (drums) as steady members. In 2001, Danny Graves (bass) started playing with them, and after the lead guitarist missed a couple of gigs, he was kicked out. Aaron Ransbarger (guitar) started playing with the band and they became Man Number Two. They changed their name several times (Apeshit, Commander Dan and the Handicaps, Dong Johnson and the Members Only, The Good Waiters, The Shitfuckers). Chavo moved to New York, and Bud’s dad Oliver Budlong played with the band under the name Ross Russell and the Staggering Ponies for a while. When Chavo moved back, they became James Bong, with Aaron, Danny and Chavo switching out playing lead and rhythm guitar and bass, and they recorded their first c.d. in March of 2002 in Los Angeles (Complete at 4:20 pm). During the recording, they decided to come up with a permanent name, and called themselves The Rawdogs. They recorded their second c.d. (Intermezzo) in Albuquerque, NM, in spring of 2003. Since 2004, they established an instrument line-up, with Aaron on guitar, Danny on guitar, Chavo on bass and Bud on drums. They went on their first tour in 2005, and have played over 250 shows. They pride themselves on composing original songs--they mix genres, the songs all sound different. They have the ability to play to their audiences. They can go from a country focus to a punk focus to a rock focus based on the reaction of the crowd. They play both electric and acoustic sets, and every set is different based on the mood of the band and the crowd.

A video of the song called The Miner can be viewed at

Influenced by: The Beatles; Sublime; Johnny Cash; Hank Williams; Wean; Townes van Zandt; Bouncing Souls; Otis Redding; Misfits; Rolling Stones; Led Zeppelin; Paul McCartney; John Paul Jones; The Band.

Played regionally at: Fred’s in Juarez, Mexico; Bars (The Club, El Patio, Hurricane Alley, Aggie Sports Connection) in Las Cruces, NM; New Mexico Tech in Socorro, NM; Bars (Lucky Devils, Pearls) in El Paso, TX; Bars (The El Rey Theater, Golden West Saloon, Sonny’s Bar & Grill) in Albuquerque, NM; House party in Los Angeles, CA; Bar (El Paseo) in Santa Fe, NM; rugby parties; weddings; house parties; birthdays; graduation parties; Halloween parties; benefits for Boys & Girls Club, cancer patients, tsunami relief, surgery for band member who got kicked in the face, Peace Village Peace Camp in Las Cruces; recitals to encourage new musicians to perform; open mic at coffee shop (Spirit Winds) in Las Cruces, NM; New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, NM.

2006 Tour:
23 June – Albuquerque, NM @ Sonny’s Bar & Grill
25 June - Denver, CO @ 3 Kings Tavern (bar)
26 June - Omaha, NE @ a house show
27 June - Sioux Falls, SD @ The Riverwalk (restaurant/bar)
28 June - Minneapolis, MN @ The Alamo House (house)
29 June - Milwaukee, WI @ The River West Commons (bar)
30 June - Springfield, IL @ Bootlegger’s (restaurant/bar)
1 July - Cincinnati, OH @ Kiatta Saloon (bar)
2 July - Baltimore, MD @ Mum’s (bar)
5 July - Cashiers, NC @ The Carolina Smokehouse (restaurant)
6 July- Sylva, NC @ Guadalupe’s (restaurant/bar)
7 July - Huntsville, AL @ The Crossroads (bar)
8 July - Jackson, MS @ W.C. Don’s (bar)
9 July - Austin, TX. @ Club Deville (bar)



Written By: The Rawdogs

Sugar loved her daddy
Lord how hard he tried
But she never told him so
Once upon a time
They were doing fine drinking wine
Going where people go
Pink was all she wore
Champagne was her fancy
Now she's dressed in black and dirty panties
Sugar oh I would have rescued you if I could

Now she's feeling old
'Cause her bones have all run dry
And she's gone with no use for goodbye
Loves the taste of money
Goes down just like candy
For that sweet taste she'd rock her fanny
Cocaine for the pain
Vodka for the blues
The pills help the day get by
I fell into hell as she slipped into his arms

Mascara on her cheeks
Tears dripping in the sink
Faded light of a hotel room
Visions of her past
Creep into her mind
As she's heating up the spoon
But as she's going up
Still she's coming down
She's choking on the puke or the pain
Sugar oh I would have rescued you if I could

Now she's dead and buried
With a cold and blackened heart
Those six feet
Aint enough to hide her shame
But sometimes in the dark
Of a cold November night
You can see her
Riding out in the moonlight
Searching in the gutter
For a hit she left behind

The Miner

Written By: The Rawdogs

I've been floatin' on
This dead river for so long
I've been sinkin' low
Pick myself up with the bottle
But each new town I come driftin' in
Find I'm bein' chased by my life of sin

All through ages back
I've covered up my tracks in gold
Now I can finally see
What worn out shoes have done to me
And I know it doesn't matter now
It's just one jolly jump into oblivion

I've been floatin' on
This dead river for so long
Lord tell me how
How did my life get so long
So long


Complete at 4:20 pm -- c.d. 2002
Intermezzo -- c.d. 2003

Set List

We play sets anywhere between fifteen minutes and two hours long depending on the event. Most of our songs are just over three minutes long. We mix in covers from Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Hank Williams, The Bellfuries, Townes van Zandt, and Dave Thomas for the Country oriented shows, and The Pixies, Sublime, Misfits, and Against Me for the more Punk oriented shows.

On a Country/Bluegrass slant:
The Miner
The Outlaw
It Won't Hurt (Hank Williams)
Hello, Good Day
Cowboy Junkies Lament (Townes van Zandt)
Dead Man's Gospel
Dirt Surfer
Bad Grace
Bobby Sox
Sweet Leaf
Her Face

On a Punk slant:
Hot Fire
Angel Fuck (Misfits)
Future Space Boy
Sink, Florida, Sink! (Against Me)
Cold Iron
Right Lane Must Turn Right
Violent Hands
The Halloween Song
Saturday Night (Misfits)
Clandestino (Manu Chao)
Hockey Player