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Raw Elements Entertainment is definitely "The New Heat". Delivering Pure Fire: hot beats, real heads, spitting real flames.


Raw Elements Entertainment is definitely "The New Heat". Underground DJ, Producer, and CEO Zulu Bey (the black messiah noise bringa) Delivering Pure Fire: hot beats, real heads, spitting real flames. The nuclear showcase "Raw El" brings to the stage is overwhelming with talented individuals from: 315NY (Upstate NY), NYC, Baltimore, Washington DC etc... The music range from Hip-Hop, R&B, and Reggae.

In his youth years he began DJing, beat making and promoting events. His histroy in the streets of 315NY and link to Hip-Hop's Mecca The Bronx, NY, gave him the tools to build Hip-Hop ciphers wherever he goes. The endless years of fine tuning skills and linking with artists that have good work ethics and substance in their lyrics, set-up Raw Elements in a position to bridge a fine gap flawlessly between old-school and the new era of hip-hop...

Recently, Zu produced a reggae track for Marcy a Raw Elements Entertainment R&B artist, native of Syracuse, NY / Hartford, CT area. In 2007, Zulu's cousin (Gregory Morris) who lives in Jamaica, an engineer for Bob Marly son's, while on tour in the USA linked with Zu and heard the track "Come Inside" a song off Marcy's debut album "N.2.Deep" which will be released in Fall of 2009. He took the track back to Jamaica with him and presented this, which sparked Beenie Man's interest in joining on this track with Marcy. Zu is looking forward to working with Beenie Man on this project. Currently, Zu is completing various projects with Raw Elements Entertainment artists: Irie Eyes (from 315NY/Cincinnati, OH area), debut album titled "Eat Wit Me", Poverty (from Queens, NY) debut album "B4 they tell", Soldiers and Kings (underground artists from Baltimore, MD) debut album "Hood", and Seifu "The Original Revolutionary Warrior" from the D.M.V. He is also submitting tracks to many associate artist as well. Zu was able to pull all the various talents together for his compilation album, titled "Raw Data" which was an incredible lengthy project. It is scheduled for an independent release Fall 2009. This will be an extremely hot album!.

Last but not least, Zulu is putting together an action packed DVD tour titled "The Spit 16" that creates a platform of expression. It is an excellent promotional opportunity for artists, to participate in making the hottest DVD series that will hit the streets of America and abroad. Raw Elements plans are to incorporate headliners like: Wu, Rakim, KRS1, Mob Deep etc... Zu knows that strength and unity, comes from the underground where the purest of talents and the most powerful soldiers dwells. This movement will include various information not only about the music, but also including health, political topics and economic growth from various vendors. The showcase will jump-off in some of the livest, up-close in your face “hot spots” venues up and down the east coast. The Spit 16 network gives all associates a flexible zone to market themselves in various cities. This project also includes a R&B hip-hop Soulful tour titled “I WANT IN”, that features INDUSTRY READY R&B FEMALES. Overall the tour is marketed from the ground-up. The hip-hop community is asked to please show your support and get involve. All professions are welcome: Sponsors, Promoters, Event Organizers, DJ's, Producers, Artists, Journalists, Radio Stations, Record Labels, Underground Raw Hip-Hop Music Lovers etc... The Spit 16 is already creating a buzz in the music industry, as we set it off on a high note Fall 2009.

In conclusion, Raw Elements Entertainment (The New Heat), was formed under a common goal; making the music we love & loving the music we make. Our focus is to ignite flames to the music industry and
touch the world with raw talent...

Zulu Bey