powerfull, metal in combination with classic, soft and hard,


And the stories came true. After the first work, "Stories" from the year 2007 now the second CD of Rawkfist appears and bears the title: "Gardens of Elysia”. The five young musicians - to follow their one main goal, to offer the audience an experience of stage performance, sound and lyrics that will reach many hearts - have themselves fulfilled a dream.
In times when music is evaluated for how well it can be sold, the feeling and the individuality of an artist more often gets in the background. But they were and always will be there… those independent bands, whose drive to write music arises only out of passion.
With just such a motivation Rawkfist stands on many stages in southern Germany. It is not easy to convince people of something that is still unknown. A music must be all right and special to convince. Rawkfist, after two years of band history, has enjoyed a very loyal fan base and looks forward to an active growth after the release of their second album, "Gardens of Elysia”. In this work, the listener gets ten impressive and emotional songs to hear. They all show out in the dramatic sound of symphonic metal.


2007 Album (Stories)
2009 Album (Gardens of Elysia)
Radio airplay: "Die Propheten" (Gardens of Elysia); "Back into light" (Gardens of Elysia); "Poker" (Stories)
"Whatever they preach" on CD "Gothic Spirits 10"

Set List

1. Back into Light
2. I call her sickness
3. Holy Flame
4. Gardens of Elysia
5. Through the night
6. Suspicios Signs
7. Princess and the dragon
8. Die Propheten
9. Whatever they preach
10 Poker
11.Scared to breathe
12.The Wish