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Buffalo, New York, United States

Buffalo, New York, United States
Band R&B Singer/Songwriter


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Still working on that hot first release.



Born and Raised on the East side of buffalo, New York I used to go by the name “Raw”. The name Raw defines the young man who was raised in the inner city; therefore, making a vast amount of dangerous, stupid and quick decisions. That name or shall I say way of life has somewhat stuck to me even while growing into a man. Consequently, as I became older and wiser I didn’t want to just go by that name Raw. There was something else. Knowledge, I had knowledge. I still chose a certain life that most would describe as a negative life style. But that lifestyle I chose is the reason why I can have the money to record and do what I can to pursue my dream as an artist/songwriter. However, at the same time I have taken action in doing positive things such as working a full time job, completing two tours in Iraq which made me a combat veteran and being a full time college student.
I have lived and experienced so many different sides of life. I guess that would explain the versatility in my music.

Onto the music side of things: I do have goals on trying to become an artist. However, I am now focusing more of my attention on songwriting. I have grown to find out that I enjoy writing lyrics for others as well as recording them. Writing also gives me “No Barriers” or limitations to what I can write. I might not have a voice like “Nickel back” or “Usher” but I bet I can write them hit songs. I might not go to church every Sunday and sing in the choir but I sure can write the gospel that brings tears to everyone eyes. I also enjoy making the music. I produce beats for small rap groups in the area. The majority of the time I make them and give them away for free. I dont have much equipment; however, I work with what I have like most people do where I come from.

Overall I intend to learn as much as I can about the industry and also how to become a better artist. Down to recording, writing and learning how to become more and more marketable. I am not one of those artists who came from a rich family or who struck it big at sixteen. And I say that for the simple fact that if you look at the history of Hip-Hop and R&B, the majority of our largest influences in music came up from nothing. Artists such as 2-pac, B.I.G, Big L, 50 Cent, Mary J Blidge. One of the greatest R&B song writters in the world used to have to sing and play his keyboard in a dirty subway and that would be Mr. R-Kelly. Therefore, I have to do “whatever” it takes to get the time and the means to make music up to the standards of those that do have the time and the means to learn and do whatever they want with music. Where I come from, we all ways say when one of us make it we usually come from “under the ground”. Under the ground meaning in order to achieve our dreams and goals we have to spend our last dime out of our pockets and do whatever we can to make the money to achieve our goal. Which is to enjoy making good music for the world to listen to and to be able to get the best life financially for our families while fulfilling our dream doing so.