Raw Nerve

Raw Nerve


like a very fat man trapped in a very small room


Welcome to the rock and roll zoo. Damn dirty apes with guitars, drums and amps. Loud faster, meaner and hotter, raw hook addicted tunes about dirty girls and dirty habits. Think The Eazybeats vs. The Lazy Cowgirls’ vs. The Dwarves. Triple threat cage match

Raw Nerve formed out of the debris if infamous stage burners, The Homicides and filth pub rockers, Python. Inspired by amphetamine guitar rhythm plus primeval drum beat muscle, Raw Nerve wasted no time in belting out a monster set of Rock n Roll howlers and hitting local stages with a pure sonic vengeance. This ain’t no messing around.

October 2009 saw Raw Nerve hit the studio, cranking out their debut 5 Track EP “Paralyzed” with the Reverend Max Ducker (Cellar Sessions). In one day plus pretty much one take, the band hung-over n' sleepless made it look bloody easy. Their hard approach to rehearsals + constant gigging taken into the studio proving the point..

he band has already left their stain on most local stages, tours have been offered and dubious deals laid out on the table.



Set List

30 minutes.wham bam, thank you mam...