Middletown, New York, USA

Rawson has a hardhitting rock/funk sound that is infectious. Soulful vocals, rocking blues guitar, a steady head bopping groove with a high energy live stage show guaranteed to make a fan out of anyone! Think Hendrix, Lenny Kravitz and Prince all mixed together with a dash of something new.


Founder, frontman and songwriter for Rawson Sean Haythe first realized his love of music at a very early age growing up with an upright piano in the living room. It was a gift his father gave to his mother when they bought their first home in HTFD Conn right across the street from an elementary school named "Rawson". He spent many nights sitting underneath the piano bench as his mother would jam with the aunt of a neighbor. Sean soon began plucking out his own tunes on the keys of the piano. Growing up in an interacial family, his father a black man and his mother a white woman, Sean was well aquainted with his dads love of R&B, Soul and Blues artists like B.B. King, Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Barry White and the Styalistics as well as his moms more theatrical love of music, show tunes, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Mathis and of course Elvis. Little did he know he was being raised in a soup of different styles of music that would become a reference years later when he would compose songs of his own. At 13 years old he was introduced to the guitar by a child hood friend. At 17 years old after many arguments with his father about his decision to be a musician, he packed up and jumped on a bus to NYC. He moved in with a girlfriend who bought him a cheap electric guitar that came with a small amp and began composing alot of the songs he performs today with Rawson. Already a vocally flexible singer Sean managed to work off and on doing backup with different acts in small clubs and even got a couple of small tours that gave him his first taste of life on the road. Sex, Drugs and Rock-n-Roll, he loved every minute of it. The innocence was gone but he had more subject matter to write about in his music. Sean finally decided it was time to start doing his own thing. He began hitting the open mic scene to see what kind of response his music would get. He was asked to come back and do small solo sets. After a year of this he felt sure enough about his music that he would start to put together a band. Enter flamboyant lead guitar player Jimi Sharp aka The String Strangler, Edwin Alvarado aka Fab on bass and Greg Norwood aka G on drums. "We try not to forget that we're in a band because we love to play music and if we can share the feeling we feel when we play for people who come out to see us live or listen to our cd's than we have succeeded because that's what it's all about,,,,,,right? Rawson's new self titled cd is on sale at itunes & cdbaby.com


Going Insane

Written By: Sean Haythe

For the foggiest reason
I cant think to save my life
Paranoid with delusions
No sanity in my sight
Medication got me slow
Losing all function of body control
Falling deeper in this haze
Feels like every part of me is crazed

Man I'm going, insane
Dont know what has happened to my brain
Child I'm going, insane yeah, yeah, yeah
Dont know what has happened to my brain, break it down

Demons taking posession
They have taken over me
24-7 oppresion
Why cant they just let me be
Hearing voices in my head
Man I'm depressed I cant leave my bed
Try to find a solution
Cats like me end up in institutions

Cause I'm going, insane
Dont know what has happened to my brain
Child I'm going, insane yeah, yeah, yeah
Dont know what has happened to my brain
Child I'm going, insane
Dont know what has happened to my brain
Man I'm going insane
Dont know what has happened to my brain

Reality, where's it begin
And where does it end yeah yeah
This cycle of madness might be the saddest thing not to win,,,,
(chorus vamp)


Released the end of 2008
Available on itunes and cdbaby.com
1. Don't pass me by
2. Welcome
3. Never take me alive
4. See it in your eyes
5. Going Insane (re-recorded& mixed)
6. Everyday
7. Oh no
8. Dead man walking
9. I'm gonna show you (re-recorded & mixed)
10. Since you been gone
11. Save yourself

Set List

A set can last anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours.
1. Dont Know Why
2. Never Take Me Alive
3. Nothin But Fear
4. Going Insane
5. I'm Gonna Show You
6. What Is Real
7. Get Out
8. Take It
9. I Do
10. Dont Pass Me By
11. We All Fall
12. Welcome
13. See it in your eyes
14. Everyday
15. Oh no
16. Dead man walking
And we have more
Have a nice selection but only play once in awhile. Favirotes are:
Prince: KISS, Lady cab driver, Never take the place of your man
Stones: Miss you
Lenny Kravitz: Fly Away
Bob Marley: Waiting in vain, Redemption song
Rick James: Give it to me baby
Beatles: Come together
Billy Joel: Big Shot