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ales of love and redemption 2007, Mercys door 2006,



Ok so Im 58, it kinda crept up on me. I was born in a small hamlet at the time called Perth Australia. Never felt at home there really and wasnt interested in sport or a lot else except writing songs and poetry. My poems when I read them from that time werent great but they were a good outlet. I 1st learned violin about then when i got a guitar at 12 yrs old I connected with that immediately and havent put it down since. I spose I drove my mother crazy with it at the time and we both laugh about it now. I was there when Elvis started with HEARTBREAK HOTEL and that blew me away -- I had this intuition that here was something that was piercing the time and space continuum I was located in, something new and different, although it was just watered down blues really.....The next guy that blew me away was DYLAN with TIMES ARE A CHANGIN and I felt like here again was the voice of spirit speaking. I met Bob in 86 when he was in Sydney and spoke to him at the Entertainment centre backstage. It was surreal to meet someone who was virtually a childhood idol. Next was the BEATLES and they still blow me away. I've been to the JACARANDA pub in Liverpool and saw a copy of their letter of engagement to hamburg from what mustve been their 1st manager............................so then I get married, have kids who are all grown up and in the music bus and Im proud of. They record one of my songs IM NOT AFRAID OF ANYMORE (AKA Peter Stein) on their debut cd HOWLING BELLS which got 9/10 in NME in 2006. I wrote that song in a 'dark night of the soul' about 2005, for me when i woke up one night with the words and tune. I was lucky enough to get that song in a film called GODSPEED (2009) by director Robert Saitzyk. In 1998 the BLIND BOYS OF ALABAMA recorded one of my songs called NOTHIN WITHOUT A HEART. They're grammy winners and have been on the rd for 60 yrs, a real bunch of guys who walk their talk and talk for God. Ive written about 2,000 - 3,000 songs as I just love love love writing songs. My tastes in music are diverse and maybe you've heard of a great singer from Australia called VINCE JONES recorded a lot of songs of mine in the 70's. I also won a lot of songwriter prizes ages ago -- I played in July 2009 at a blues bar in Berlin just off Papallee run by a guy called Shtreika who i was told "was in a big band in the GDR "(did i get the name right) and dug it!