London, England, GBR

Epic, melodic tunes that flow dynamically from peak to ever-increasing peak whilst still preserving a sonic & lyrical charm and beauty. "Guitar notes hang in the air. Words are weighted then dispersed in the ether but acutely present undercurrents of hostility give the songs a serrated edge…” NME


RAY biog

Young masters of English raincoat rock… lost in a world that is forever autumn. (Mojo)

""It's a stunner...Not retro; modern and now!" The Big Takeover

"Sweepingly majestic and savagely beautiful, a serious contender for best rock album of 2009. This cd ought to establish British rock quartet Ray as frontrunners for this year’s Mercury Prize"
Lucid Culture

about RAY…

Conceived in London by song-writing brothers Nev and Mark Bradford and initially spotted by Geoff Travis at Rough Trade, Ray are celebrating the release of Death In Fiction, their epic new album out now via Pito Records (PITOCD006) on CD LP and iTunes.

the RAY story so far ...

After enduring a pinball-like hammering into the blind recesses of the music industry, Ray broke free to record three independent and critically acclaimed studio albums: First Light (Rough Trade); Deep Blue Happy and Daylight In The Darkroom (both Pito).

While fifteen members have come and gone (amidst a fair few tantrums!) those Ritalin-soaked days are now but memories... The release of Death In Fiction represents a new era of stability, with Sheffield’s Chris Lowe firmly ensconced on the drum throne and the permanent addition of Northern Ireland’s Martin Tisdall on bass guitar.

Death In Fiction is an album that lays claim once and for all to the sonic soundscape Ray has always striven for. It’s a toughened up set of ten songs that flows dynamically from peak to ever-increasing peak whilst still preserving the charm and beauty of the band’s earlier work.

RAY have just completed a successful European tour, and are currently recording the follow up to Death In Fiction - which will be released in Spring 2010

For more info and FREE downloads please visit www.raytheband.com and www.myspace.com/raytheband


First Light (LP) - Rough Trade Records (Nov 2001)
Deep Blue Happy (LP) - Pito Records (Nov 2005)
Daylight In The Darkroom (LP) - Pito Records (Aug 2006)
Great Strange Dream (EP) - Pito Records (Mar 2007)
Death In Fiction (LP) - Pito Records (May 2008)

Radio play:
BBC 6music play for tracks from new LP (including Death In Fiction and Roulette Sun) on Gideon Coe and Tom Robinson shows.

New album playlisted at KEXP Seattle 90.3 FM - tracks played including Great Strange Deam, Cut Out and Godspeed to you the Avalanche.

Album plays in Germany including at Byte FM and Radio Fritz - plus good alternative Spanish, Canadian, Austrian and Australian (Triple R FM) airplay.

Set List

Approx 30 mins - 1hr 30mins.
Example set list (all own materials)
1. Five Times Cursed
2. Days To Come
3. Death In Fiction
4. Roulette Sun
5. Great Strange Dream
6. Godspeed to you the Avalanche
7. Sound Of The End
8. Little Joy
9. Million Ways
10. Begging Like A Dog
11. Cut Out