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Ray $

 New York City, New York, USA
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Ray $, MC representing Bed-$tuy, Brooklyn, NY. I began rhyming around age 16 and began to seriously record at age 21. Now at age 25, I feel ready to share the music I've been making over the last 2 years.


My rhymes consist of what I like to call ignorant wisdom. I basically like to tell the blatant truth, but always have a moral somewhere in my bars as well. Some of my musical influences are Jay-Z, Nas, Biggie, 2Pac, Andre 3000, Marvin Gaye, Coldplay and Michael Jackson. I feel what sets me apart from other bands is that I don't succumb to fads in music or society, I enjoy doing my own thing. I have the ability to communicate with people, and connecting with people through music is a great feeling. People believe in you and even if they don't they let you know how they feel. You get to share stories and use the music as a way to cope and overcome nonsense in life. Overall, I feel like these things make me a unique artist. I also am not the typical MC who lies about selling drugs and a crazy gangster lifestyle. I like to get fly as far as my fashion, travel and do fun things with my homies and people I meet along the way.

I grew up in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, which is known for famous MC's, from Big Daddy Kane to Fabolous. I had a normal childhood, was blessed to have my family, but of course on the streets I had to become a man and figure out my way in life through experience. In school, I always did pretty well, but never reached full potential because I was pre-occupied with writing my rhymes. I went to college in Atlanta, at Morehouse, during the years when T.I., Jeezy, and Lil Wayne took off. In this culture, when mixtapes began to become more prevalent, I decided that I wanted to rap seriously. From there, I began to hit the studio and work on my craft as a writer and try to build myself into a complete artist and MC.


I Just Wanna

Written By: Ray $

I just wanna ball (ball)
I just wanna ball
I just wanna blow a couple racks in the mall (mall)
I just wanna get them kicks that don't come in the stores
I just wanna get them chicks that don't give up them draws

I just wanna put the tip in baby and raw,
but I'ma strap up, so u don't think that's how I do em all
I'm just bein honest, I know you think I'ma mess
but when I leave you a mess, you gon think that I'm the best
The best you never had...and I just wanna chill
I just wanna go on tour and... never get a deal
..Sell my music for free, endorsements bring mils
Fuck your contract, tryna change how I do this with skill
I just wanna roll up...and never have to ash it
I just wanna smoke up for dolo and don't pass it
You suckers always reach your hand out but never got none
Always talkin' chicks I never seen you with a hot one
Always ride shotgun and never wanna drive
Ask you for gas money, couldn't even throw a 5?
Yea... but it's alright, I'll block you when you call
I'm all the way good off bullshit, don't be appalled


I just wanna rock them outfits these niggas don't got,
so I gotta study up my fashion, nah I don't shop...
where you niggas do cuz you follow and you bite styles
Then can't even give the compliments or right crowns to the G's who put you on
You can get to lookin' wrong
Long as you don't touch a nigga we'll be good, as long
as you don't get to trippin' I'ma smile up in your face too
When it comes to business, that money? I can't make you
I just wanna rap...yea, I just wanna spit flows
I just wanna drown in that tequila or I sip Rose
Veuve nights, kush mornings, let them zips go for cheap
cuz the homie put me on to his connect and we deep...
in the streets mayn, I just wanna travel
I just wanna slap the shit out niggas tryna battle
You wanna have a competition? let's make some hit songs
And see who the fans choose, the other 1 should get gone


Can you handle the truth? Well I just wanna fuck shawty
That's for right now, who knows if we'll fall in love shawty?
If I don't though you should blame it on yourself...
You scared to take a chance, cuz you'll take it on your self
Prayin' for the wealth? or are you gonna try for it?
I'm on it now cuz I seen some people die for it
I call it... how I see it, even though half of wat you see
is like a lock smith who's really a master with the ki's
While u pop shit...thinkin' that his job is ordinary
He be on low affordin' every Jordan already
Not the shit up in the store, them OG's that's bred
My bad bitch pourin' juice while she scramblin' eggs
toastin' the bread...and she didn't roll up the regg
Nowadays.. you can't let the shit go to ya head
Cuz how it's supposed to be... ain't how it is
We wanna ball everyday, but it ain't how we live
I wanna..



It's Going Down

Written By: Ray $

It's goin
It's goin
It's goin

Pistols, power & pussy,
put my pen to the paper
Biz Markie gold chain just give them the Vapors
Watch the Knicks & the Lakers, I could rhyme all day
Beside the actual music you gotta grind for ya pay
I'ma New York playa... but I roll thru the South
Homies got them big guns and them golds in their mouth
If they pop that trunk... you'll go blind from the white
some people got that skunk, it get you high as a kite
I got a couple of flows...but some listeners are lame
hear you spit too many lyrics while you givin' up the game
but they'll say you're too smart
say that they can't bounce
I'm all for them bust it babies lettin' they ass out
Get a round of applause, couple rounds at the bar
I did the brown and a couple grams was found in the car
That's the Acura Legend, or the Nissan Alt'
take a trip to New Paltz, just to shine like blue quartz
Smoke a Dutch, no Schultz, but it's this thing of ours
Watchin' Mike become the Don, kiss my ring for the power
Caramel fine thing on the sink to the shower
she like the bathroom and closet cuz it's nowhere to run
Plus she used to hide me there, if her man came home,
but nowadays we done got older and that shit isn't fun
Thankin' God for my lungs...know I'm treatin' them bad
At least I'm not ashamed for anything you'll see from my past
Read my timeline on Twitter, they'll give you the slander
I got the word from California, so I dipped to Atlanta
Weed so good it'll get you closer to God
cuz it was grown in a Holy Field, word to Evander
She so good she gon grab the Swishers and the Wing Stop
suck me like a Ring Pop and she ain't a dancer
Penitentiary chances, we took them for the hell of it
Only time I sold my soles is back when I was sellin' kicks
All for progression, I'm all about virility
serendipity, I always find it through the Hennessy
Tranquility, but folk are transgendered
yea you actin' like a lil girl you ain't no man nigga
Frank White said it best "you got fat while we starved"
feelin' like Aaron Rodgers, niggas lookin' like Favre
I respect what you did...now respect what I do
Other wise before you C a K the F to the U

It's goin
It's goin
It's goin

I was smokin' a Dutch, readin' My Last Duchess
We go 'round killing chicks & show them' off to the public
Nigga met her in Publix, for some wings with the Hawaiian Rolls
Simply Raspberry Lemonades, Honey Nut Cheerios
Biggie in the stereo, so I thought she was a rider
Knew lyrics to Cuban Linx, gold teeth and jambalaya,
what she liked to cook.... she was from that N.O.
Had a nigga takin flight.... smokin' San Francisco
Coldplay & Diplo...get high, then get low
Uh...cheddar cheese all up in my grits hoe
Bad jawn in D.C. met her off of P Street
Adams Morgan mixin Captain Morgan with my peach tea
drove thru the PG, stopped in the MoCo
Back home in Wash Heights, pernil, arroz con pollo
I tell you bout my women you gon think that I'ma lie
So I stay quiet and know my love's
forever til we die
Niggas gettin' high...tellin' women hi
yea she like me but she ain't gon let me know, rollin' her eyes
All I need is one time to get into your house
Truthfully I can't hit if I can't kiss you in the mouth
By the Swishahouse, influenced by the SUC
Crew shit, crew thick, hoppin' out a SUV
Law & Order SVU, where they gon see you at
1 X & 3 I's = 13

It's goin
It's goin
It's goin



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2 mixtapes for free download on http://RayDolla.com

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A mixtape I made with my homie Jus from Compton, CA.

We are currently working on our second mixtape as well.

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