Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Im a Fem-C keeping it original, bringing the authentic sound and purpose back to hiphop. Allowing the music to always be about the people. I love what I do because I do what I love!


My name is Da'Rayia 'RAY' Wilson. Im currently a junior attending Berklee College of Music in Boston MA. I am a double major studying Music Business/Management & Contemporary Writing and Production. I've been a professional artists and hip hop activist for almost a decade, first starting out in Wilmington Delaware where I was in a group band called Bassline Entertainment. We traveled the US and abroad performing and speaking about how hip hop can be used as an educational tool to promote academic enhancement for all grade levels of students. I was involved with Bassline for six years before I decided to pursue college and begin my own music project. Being with Bassline was a foundation that helped me gain confidence and professionalism. We held meetings and conversations about the history of the music industry to educate ourselves on the business we were involved in. We spoke to state senates and other politicians about how to uplift our community youth, with an effort to decrease crime and drug trafficking. As an artist apart of Bassline Entertainment, I gained the beginning tools of all I need to know about pursuing music the right way. Now my artistry has elevated, especially being at Berklee. I've learned about everything from the economics of our music industry to how to produce and write my own music. With this exceptional knowledge that I have and will continue to learn, I plan to express my creativity while structuring the commonwealth of our communities, families and schools.


From 2002-2007 I was in a hip hop group called Bassline Entertainment. I recorded three group albums called "The Foundation," "State of Emergency," and our last was "Elevator Music." In 2006 I wont the grand prize of Essence Magazine/Berklee's National Songwriting Contest and received a scholarship to Berklee's summer 5 week performance programs. I've done over 250 shows and am currently working on a EP/Mixtape doing hip hop and R&B music, also mixed with other genres such as jazz. I've been featured on countless mixtapes, one by a California artist by the name of John 'Omayga' Adams with his single called 'We Go,' thats also been featured on blog sites like Worldstarhiphop.com and undergroundhiphop.com. I have youtube clips streaming the enternet and peer to peer file sharing of songs I've recorded. This upcoming EP that Im working on will be a debut of my own music since recording the group albums. It has been long anticipated so look out for new music coming soon from the R.A.Y.