Throwback music..bringing real singing back.


Raybone’s Bio

Raybone, an Atlanta, GA native, is redefining the genre of R&B music by staying true to the old school vocals and style that once guided R&B music to the forefront of popular music. The music world will be turned upside down by Raybone’s ability to display his passion for his craft/talent. Raybone received his start as a producer with a distinct and creative sound. A little shy and weary of stepping into the limelight as an artist, he was encouraged by peers to share his talent with the world. As a result of past relationships, the future album “Exposed Open Book” is literally a caption of Raybone’s soul on a musical canvas. “The most fulfilling way to express myself is through my singing.”

Raybone, a BMI writer, recalls discovering and experiencing his love for music at the tender age of 5 while singing in church. After building his confidence and receiving encouragement from his mother and church family, he showcased his voice in different venues such as talent shows and night clubs. His unique style has afforded him the opportunity to perform all across the country. He has performed as such venues as the Black Film Festival in Miami, FL., at the Metroplex in Erie, PA, a private yacht performance in Manhattan, NY and the Sweet Auburn Festival, Crows Nest and The Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA.

Raybone also has worked with musical greats such as Eric Benet, Keith Sweat and Christopher Williams. He performed alongside Eric Benet at a live performance and sang background vocals on Keith Sweat’s 2000 album “Didn’t See Me Coming”. He most recently had the opportunity to perform with Christopher Williams at Taboo 2 in Atlanta, GA.

Although there have been seemingly glamorous, great opportunities in his career, Raybone has taken the good with the bad. It has been a strengthening yet humbling experience to live through several industry relational ‘flops’ and consecutive dead end attempts with background singing ventures. These experiences have molded Raybone into the artist that he is today. Raybone is a born superstar whose unadulterated expression is deeply displayed in his songs. He is sure to take the R&B world by storm with his earthiness, blues persuasion, soul and more importantly, his originality.


1. Luva Boi

Set List

1. Don't Stop
2. Luva Boi
3. One nite stand
4. Just the way u like it

15min sets
no covers only original