Ray Bridgemay

Ray Bridgemay


"With a mixture of reggae, folk, jazz, and a bit of metal, Ray Bridgemay will leave you naked in a field, handcuffed to a goat, wondering what just happened. I give you Ray Bridgemay!" - Michael Summers, Spiritual Guide


Ray Bridgemay started in 2006 as an two-man acoustic folk group, consisting of Derek Mobbs and Stephen Parr. By 2007, Rodney, Steve, and Elton had joined the line-up and drastically altered the overall sound, turning it into a melting pot of very different music styles. Major influences of the band's unique sound include Pink Floyd, Every Time I Die, Bob Dylan, Rush, Grateful Dead, Modest Mouse, Sublime, Arctic Monkeys, and countless others. What sets Ray Bridgemay apart, other than their distinct sound, is their attention to detail, in song structure, chord progressions, personal and narrative lyrics cloaked in metaphors, and an openness to change or pushing back bounderies. The first LP, Ray Bridgemay Takes a Cigarette Break, was released earlier this year and was recorded at Blue Chair Studio with Todd Davis. The album's title comes from the fact that, at band practice, about 25% of the time was spent taking smoke breaks. Ray Bridgemay's story has just begun, but there is much more to come.


Jaba the Hut

Written By: Derek Mobbs

Dig your grave made of sand, it's hard to breathe
Someone all alone who doesn't know just who to be
A hollow, vague description of your so called life
Take a look back and wonder now, was it even worth the try?

And when all the dust has cleared, what will you say?
Everyone you've ever loved has all just gone away
Sometimes life's questions are hard to understand
When all along it was the answer that you just could not comprehend


Single: "All You Can Eat Buffett"

LP: "Ray Bridgemay Takes a Cigarette Break"

Set List

1) Balls Deep in a Bulldog
2) Here's Johnny!
3) La Chica Muy Mal
4) Ham Sandwich (The Downfall of Mama Cass)
5) Don't Touch My Leg
6) Jaba the Hut
7) Have a Cigar (Pink Floyd Cover)

Our sets usually last about 30 minutes, but we have about two hours worth of original music, not including covers.