Ray Cooper

Ray Cooper

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Ray Cooper's inspiring solo piano work provides the listener with a chance to reflect, meditate and renew from within. The lyrical phrasing soars beyond the limitations of the daily mindset to vistas of great beauty and comforting passages of hope and reassurance.


In studios performing, composing, arranging and producing music most of his life, Ray hears music in a very special way. Inspired by the likes of Peter Gabriel, XTC, Queen, The Who, Leonard Cohn, The Wyrd Sisters, Paula Cole, Ann Arden, Kate Bush, Sarah MacLaughlin and many others, he works at his compositions from many directions.

The result is inspiring and thought provoking. This is especially true on his first solo piano CD release, Tabernacle.


Sitting & Wondering

Written By: Ray Cooper



Ray's album, Tabernacle, is now on sale at Amazon.com, CDBaby.com and iTunes. This CD features Ray's original compositions for piano as performed and recorded at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, Vancouver B.C. Ray has created a tapestry of arranged pieces interwoven with improvisational work inspired by moods and emotions - reflecting moments of the day.

Set List

Ray's Solo Piano work can accommodate any length the venue/event requires.